Weather Superstitions

Test your knowledge on Weather Superstitions.

Points available: 10


What's coming if a cat sits with its back to the fire?

  • A) Rain
  • B) Frost
  • C) Hot weather
  • D) A hurricane

What sort of weather is to be expected if you see a horizontal crescent moon?

  • A) Mild
  • B) Hot
  • C) Windy
  • D) Rainy

Which of these are believed to bite more before a storm?

  • A) Ants
  • B) Mosquitos
  • C) Fleas
  • D) Dogs

What can you expect if it rains on a Monday?

  • A) Four more rainy days that week
  • B) A dry weekend to come
  • C) Fog for the next three days
  • D) A heat wave

If a rain shower starts before 7:00 AM, when can you expect it to stop?

  • A) 11 AM
  • B) 2 PM
  • C) 5 PM
  • D) Not until midnight

What can you expect if bats fly around playfully in the early evening?

  • A) Midnight storms
  • B) A cold week
  • C) A long stretch of good weather
  • D) A long stretch of bad weather

If this lands on your hand, you can expect good weather:

  • A) A butterfly
  • B) A flower petal
  • C) A ladybug
  • D) A bird's feather

What do porpoises swimming north portend?

  • A) Good weather
  • B) Bad weather
  • C) Rain
  • D) A storm at sea

In Scotland, it is believed that stepping on insects will cause:

  • A) Snow
  • B) Storm
  • C) A dry spell
  • D) Rain

Crows gathered by a river at night are a sign of:

  • A) Good weather
  • B) A long winter
  • C) A hot summer
  • D) A storm brewing