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10 tips for a very Parisian Christmas

Paris celebrates Christmas with its typical urban flair: extravagant lighting, yummy window displays, and ice skating in the heart of the city. FIND A CHRISTMAS CAROUSEL. LICK A WINDOW. RIDE A FERRIS WHEEL. GO FOR A PONY RIDE. SHOP FOR CHOCOLATE.

Pondering German history in Nurnberg

From a traveler's perspective, Nurnberg -- Bavaria's second city -- has it all: excellent museums, thought-provoking history, glorious red-sandstone Gothic architecture, and a charming Old Town encircled by a nearly intact medieval wall.

Naples: Italy in your face

Crammed with chaos, Naples is appalling and captivating at the same time. Naples is one of Italy's major cruise ports, and ships dock right in the town center.

War rooms: Europe's military museums

In honor of Veterans Day, I've been thinking back to my recent stay in the Rhineland. All over Europe, there is little stomach for war. For some, visiting military museums is the highlight of a European trip.