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Conquering European bathrooms

European bathrooms can be quirky. First, don't expect big spaces. Toilets come in many forms. At some point, you'll probably encounter a mysterious porcelain thing that looks like an oversized bedpan. Showers can be equally mysterious.

Iceland, a hot destination

Iceland's remote location and harsh climate aren't exactly welcoming. Icelandair tempts visitors with good fares to Europe and free stopovers, which I took advantage of on my way from Europe back to the U.S. last fall.

Berlin looks to the future, remembers its past

When I visited Berlin last summer to update my guidebook, I also scouted locations for a new TV show. But even as the city busily builds itself into the 21st century, Berlin has made a point of acknowledging and remembering its past.

Cruising the northern seas

Cruising in Europe's Baltic or North Sea can satisfy even an independent traveler like me. Stepping off the gangway, I'm immersed in the vivid life of a different European city each day.

Why I love eating in Italy

When I'm in Italy, I generally only eat Italian food. Italians are passionate about food. Some dishes are only available during a short window of time, when ingredients are at their peak. To eat well in Italy, finding the right restaurant is key.