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Cycling through Stockholm

Stockholm is one of Europe's most beautiful cities. And it's a city in love with parks, cafes, fine urban vistas, and biking. Well, OK. But I found it's beautiful at 4 p.m., too.

Swiss bliss: Hiking the Swiss Alps

This year, a highlight of my European summer was the day I spent hiking in the Berner Oberland region of the Swiss Alps. Fortunately, you don't have to be a mountain climber to see the Alps up close.

Communicating in Italy

I am terrible at foreign languages. Because they're so outgoing and their language is fun, Italians are a pleasure to interact with. I find Italian beautiful and almost melodic.

Pondering Britain's stone circles

Grand, centuries-old cathedrals distinguish Great Britain's cities and towns, providing spiritual nourishment to those who visit. Stonehenge is the most famous of these -- and has a new visitors' center to serve nearly one million annual sightseers.