Tips for Traveling Abroad

Going Abroad any time soon? Take this quiz and be a bit more prepared for your overseas adventure!

Points available: 10


Which of the following will not help you go abroad?

  • A) a Passport with a valid signature
  • B) a Visa
  • C) a High School ID
  • D) a Passport Card (Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Bermuda)

If you decide to shoplift, what do you think will happen?

  • A) You can walk away saying, "I'm a U.S. citizen, and I have my rights!"
  • B) You will be subject to that country's laws
  • C) They will take away your dog and all of your luggage

What is one airport law that you should obey while in another country (a way to avoid being the target of a crime)?

  • A) Turn your electronics off in designated areas
  • B) Leave your BB Guns and knives at home!
  • C) Do not leave bags unattended or take packages from strangers.

Just in case you get sick while overseas, the best way to prepare for that situation is to:

  • A) Bring a lot of band-aids, gauze, and ointment
  • B) Make sure to consume lots of alcohol and tobacco throughout the trip to prevent from getting sick in the first place
  • C) Check your overseas medical insurance coverage to see if emergency medical evacuation is covered; and if its not, consider supplemental insurance

Out of the following items, which one would not be a "smart" gift to bring back from your overseas trip?

  • A) Expensive Persian silk
  • B) Ivory
  • C) Wooden toys

What can you bring to other countries?

  • A) Medication
  • B) Pets
  • C) an Ipod

When going abroad, what should you do with your mail?

  • A) Arrange to have it sent to your neighbor's house; they'll read it to you over the phone
  • B) Arrange to have the post office stop delivering your mail until you get back
  • C) Let it build up in your mailbox; just check your mail when you get back from your trip

If you are leaving to go abroad, when should you apply for a U.S. passport?

  • A) Two years prior
  • B) Several months prior
  • C) At the airport

If you need someone in the U.S. to send you money while you're overseas, which is the best way to transfer money?

  • A) Western Union
  • B) Send a Pre-paid Master Card to a nearby address
  • C) Send the money in a sealed birthday card

True or False. The roads in every country are the same (as well as the laws), so no research should be done before driving in a foreign country.

  • A) True
  • B) False