Places to Visit in Europe

How well do you know places to visit in Europe?

Points available: 10


In which European country is there a museum whose top floor is a resturant by day and a dance club by night?


What is the name of the largest waterfall (which is located in Switzerland)?


True or False. Naples is the most populated vicinity in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.


Which of the following places isn't a highlight in Italy?


The largest light rail in all of Northern Europe is located in which country?


True or False. The Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is home to the "One O'Clock Gun."


Where in Berlin is the district said to be one of the wealthiest and to be home to the largest university in the area, Freie Universitat?


Which King of France was buried in Canterbury?


True or False. The town of Ryde, located in the Isle of Wight, hosts the largest hula hoop event annually called the International Hula Hoop Rally.


True or False. Iceland is the only place in the world where you can witness tectonic plates move apart, and see a blue man-made lagoon with rumored healing properties with your own eyes.