Places to Visit in Europe

How well do you know places to visit in Europe?

Points available: 10


In which European country is there a museum whose top floor is a resturant by day and a dance club by night?

  • A) Amsterdam- The Stedelijk Museum
  • B) Amsterdam- the Rijksmuseum
  • C) Spain- la Alcazaba
  • D) Switzerland- Chateau de Chillon

What is the name of the largest waterfall (which is located in Switzerland)?

  • A) Niagara Falls
  • B) The Rhine Falls
  • C) Pancavsky Vodopad
  • D) Cascata de Ribeiera Grande

True or False. Naples is the most populated vicinity in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.

  • A) True
  • B) False

Which of the following places isn't a highlight in Italy?

  • A) Uffizi Gallery
  • B) The Colesseum
  • C) Capri
  • D) Italy's Lake Country
  • E) The Great Barrier Reef

The largest light rail in all of Northern Europe is located in which country?

  • A) London
  • B) Finland
  • C) Sweden
  • D) Russia

True or False. The Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is home to the "One O'Clock Gun."

  • A) True
  • B) False

Where in Berlin is the district said to be one of the wealthiest and to be home to the largest university in the area, Freie Universitat?

  • A) Mitte
  • B) Schoneberg
  • C) Prenzlauer Berg
  • D) Zehlendorf
  • E) Ku'Damm

Which King of France was buried in Canterbury?

  • A) King Henry III
  • B) King Arthur
  • C) King Louis XIII
  • D) King Henry IV

True or False. The town of Ryde, located in the Isle of Wight, hosts the largest hula hoop event annually called the International Hula Hoop Rally.

  • A) True
  • B) False

True or False. Iceland is the only place in the world where you can witness tectonic plates move apart, and see a blue man-made lagoon with rumored healing properties with your own eyes.

  • A) True
  • B) False