Christopher Elliott / Travel & Leisure

No 'comfort' seat on TAM -- and no refund

Nathan Pearson and his son are bumped into two uncomfortable airline seats on a 10-hour flight from Brazil back to the United States. And now the upgrade fee they paid is missing in action. Will they ever see that money again?

Enterprise sent me a bill for 'hidden' damage

When Frederick Dintzis returns his rental car to Enterprise, it tells him the car looks fine. But four hours later, all is not well. The underside of his car has been damaged, it claims. It wants him to pay for the repairs. Is that fair?

A Room With The Wrong View

Bob Ledford is promised a room with a two-sided ocean view when he books through Expedia. But when he arrives, the view isn't what he expected, the hotel doesn't seem to care, and Expedia won't post the negative review of the resort. What's wrong ...