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Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Brian Culbertson

Three years ago, musician Brian Culbertson and his wife started the Napa Valley Jazz Getaway. Q. What's your feeling about traveling so much for work? A. I still love it. Q. Do you get recognized when you're walking about in a new city?

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Bert Kreischer

On his Travel Channel series, "Trip Flip," comedian and on-air personality Bert Kreischer surprises people with action-packed vacations that are designed to fulfill items on their travel bucket list. Q. What is your favorite vacation destination?

Celebrity Travel: Go Away With Sean Astin

To some, Sean Astin is known as Patty Duke's little boy. Q. What do you recommend that people do during their vacations? A. That they put their cellphone in the hotel safe and wear sunscreen. Q. What untapped destination should people know about?