What About That Girl Luann?

Oh the Life of a Teenage Girl, filled with love interests, shallow cheerleaders, and your own personal issues just to throw into the mix! Take a quiz on the Life of Luann.

Points available: 10


What is Luann's last name?

  • A) DeGroot
  • B) James
  • C) Vargas

Which of the following is not one of Luann's best friends?

  • A) Nancy
  • B) Delta
  • C) Bernice

What was Brad's career after 9/11 (before Weenie World)?

  • A) Lawyer
  • B) Firefighter
  • C) Couch potato

Why didn't Luann and the lifeguard, Stuart, ever start dating?

  • A) He was too old
  • B) He liked Tiffany a lot
  • C) He was already married

True or False. Gunther Berger has been in love with Luann his entire life.

  • A) True
  • B) False

Who did Toni Daytona go out with first?

  • A) Aaron
  • B) Dirk
  • C) Brad

Claudia, Aaron's girlfriend from Texas, left him because ---?

  • A) He was uncomfortable about her being deaf
  • B) She saw him doing drugs
  • C) He flirted with Tiffany during their (Claudia & Aaron's) relationship

What's Bernice's older brother's name?

  • A) Ben York
  • B) Beneford
  • C) Yorkshire

What is the name of their High School?

  • A) Zayne High
  • B) Spring High
  • C) Pitts High

Gunther's best friend Knute has affection for a girl named ---? (Hint: Tiffany's best friend)

  • A) Shannon Lewis
  • B) Ann Eiffel
  • C) Crystal