Archie & the Gang: Do you know?

Don't you remember all of those old Archie comics you use to read? No? Well, take this quiz and see if we can't jog your memory!

Points available: 10


What is the name of the blonde "girl-next-door" character that competes for Archie's heart?

  • A) Veronica Lodge
  • B) Cheryl Blossom
  • C) Betty Cooper

What is the name of Cheryl's twin brother and who is his love interest (despite his womanizing ways)?

  • A) Jason ---Betty
  • B) Clifford-- Ethel
  • C) Jason-- Veronica

What is the nickname of Jughead's baby sister?

  • A) JuJu Bee
  • B) Jellybean
  • C) Baby Ju

What is the name of Midge Klump's boyfriend?

  • A) Moose Mason
  • B) Reggie Mantle
  • C) Jughead

What is the name of Betty's older brother?

  • A) Chick
  • B) George
  • C) Hal

What is Veronica's nickname for Archie?

  • A) Archie-poo
  • B) Archie-kins
  • C) Arnie

Which of the following people does Veronica dislike, but tolerate because of Archie?

  • A) Reggie
  • B) Betty
  • C) Jughead

Who won the title of Homecoming Queen?

  • A) Ethel
  • B) Veronica
  • C) Betty

Who is the owner of the Chocklit Shoppe (used to be the Malt Shop)?

  • A) Waldo Weatherbee
  • B) Archie's dad: Fred
  • C) Pop Tate

What is the name of the first openly gay character in Archie comics?

  • A) Hubert Smithers
  • B) Kevin Keller
  • C) Fred Andrews