Kids in Comics

"Baby Blues" is all about raising young children. How much do you know about kids in other comic strips? Test your comic knowledge with this quiz.

Points available: 10


In "Peanuts," what is Linus's little brother's name?

  • A) Rerun
  • B) Franklin
  • C) Pigpen
  • D) Schroeder

In "Rose is Rose," Rose's son Pasquale is often followed around by:

  • A) A toy soldier
  • B) A little girl who likes him
  • C) A dog
  • D) His guardian angel

Who is the youngest child in "For Better or for Worse"?

  • A) Elizabeth
  • B) April
  • C) Edgar
  • D) Michael

What family member does the title character of "Agnes" live with?

  • A) Her sister
  • B) Her uncle
  • C) Her grandmother
  • D) Her mother

The cast of "Jump Start" includes a child whose first name is:

  • A) Kid
  • B) Little
  • C) Doctor
  • D) Mister

Calvin and his tiger Hobbes were named for great historical:

  • A) Thinkers
  • B) Inventors
  • C) Military leaders
  • D) Politicians

The comic strip "Rugrats" was based on a cartoon that originated on what channel?

  • A) Disney
  • B) Cartoon Network
  • C) Nickelodeon
  • D) Fox

In what year did "Little Orphan Annie" begin?

  • A) 1919
  • B) 1924
  • C) 1929
  • D) 1935

Which of these comics does not feature a child as a recurring character?

  • A) Red and Rover
  • B) Soup to Nutz
  • C) Andy Capp
  • D) Lola

Which of these children doesn't appear in the comic strip "Baby Blues"?

  • A) Zoe
  • B) Ham
  • C) Wren
  • D) Sally