Web Buzz: RVs roll with the sharing economy

If you've been wondering if the sharing economy has a website for RVs, it does.


What it does: Lets you kick the tires on a motor home or travel trailer before you buy or rent an RV for a road trip. If you own an RV, you can ...

New discovery in Arctic is a very old clam

ANCHORAGE, Alaska--The rapidly thawing Arctic Ocean may be a new frontier but some of the latest news from there concerns a clam that is believed to date back more than a million years.

Some bivalves retrieved from the ocean depths during a 2010 ...

Proponent of the G spot takes on a critic

Ashley Furin had a "very satisfying" sex life with her husband, she said. Then, seven years into their relationship, she had "an experience that rocked me to my core." They had found her G spot.

Before that night, said Furin, an office assistant ...