Web Winners: Don't waste that tax refund

Last-minute tax filers who were due money back from the Internal Revenue Service are just getting, or still awaiting, their refunds. Here are ways to decide what to do with the cash.

--Kiplinger.com says refunds, which average around $3,000, ...

Warming up to the future with Nest thermostat

During cold spells, Andy Law likes to keep his San Jose, Calif., house warm and toasty, which used to be a problem whenever the 29-year-old Yahoo mobile app designer traveled out of town.

He'd sometimes forget to turn down the thermostat and run ...

Wearable tech devices hit another bump in the road

Wearable fitness trackers are in survival-of-the-fittest mode.

Touted as the next big thing in technology, wearable tech has spawned a dizzying array of Internet-connected wristwatches and head-mounted devices. Leading the fledgling industry are ...