Weird Weather

Test your knowledge on Weird Weather.

Points available: 10


What strange things fell from the sky in New Jersey in the winter of 1958?

  • A) Large frozen birds
  • B) 50-pound blocks of ice
  • C) Frozen pieces of weather balloons
  • D) Items swept up in a hurricane a year before

"Virga" is the term used to refer to snow or rain that:

  • A) Evaporates before it hits the ground
  • B) Is blown back up into the clouds
  • C) Clings to other drops or flakes as it falls
  • D) Only falls within a small radius

What phenomenon can make it appear as though there are multiple suns in the sky?

  • A) Blue jets
  • B) Sprites
  • C) Zephyrs
  • D) Sundogs

Which of these can cause the appearance of a "blue moon"?

  • A) Reflections off cirrus clouds
  • B) Soot and water in the sky
  • C) The moon rising before the sun has completely set
  • D) A cold front

Perceived "sea monsters" may actually have been:

  • A) Whirlwinds on the water
  • B) Whirlpools
  • C) Underwater tornados
  • D) Low-hanging clouds

What weather-realted experience has been proven to literally "knock your socks off"?

  • A) Being picked up by a tornado
  • B) Being in the vicinity of very loud thunder
  • C) Being struck by lightning
  • D) Being in the path of a hurricane

What shape are raindrops?

  • A) Drop-shaped
  • B) Perfectly round
  • C) Egg-shaped
  • D) Rounded triangle

What once caused frogs to rain down on England?

  • A) Heavy winds
  • B) Dust devils
  • C) Water spouts
  • D) The cause is still unknown

How hot is a lightning bolt compared to the sun?

  • A) Half as hot
  • B) Approximately the same
  • C) Four times as hot
  • D) Seven times as hot

By water content, how much snow is equal to one inch of rain?

  • A) The same
  • B) Five inches
  • C) Ten inches
  • D) Fifteen inches