Fun Weather Facts

Test your knowledge of weather.

Points available: 10


What is a squall?

  • A) A tornado in a snow storm
  • B) Two or more converging cold fronts
  • C) Significant wind gusts lasting several minutes
  • D) A lightning storm (no rain or thunder)

What is the purpose of the Fujita scale?

  • A) Measure wind intensity/damage
  • B) Measure hurricane intensity/damage
  • C) Measure humidity
  • D) Measure tornado intensity/damage

What does the term 'box' indicate in weather lingo?

  • A) A precipitation front
  • B) A storm watch (typically thunderstorm or tornado)
  • C) An inaccurate forecast
  • D) The region a specific forecast is expected to affect

What is a cloud shaped like a comma usually a sign of?

  • A) Snow
  • B) It's spring
  • C) Nothing
  • D) A low pressure front

How long does the average tornado last?

  • A) less than 3 minutes
  • B) less than 7 minutes
  • C) less than 15 minutes
  • D) less than 19 minutes

Lightning is how much hotter than the sun?

  • A) 2 times
  • B) 3 times
  • C) 5 times
  • D) It is not hotter than the sun

What is a shear?

  • A) A variation in wind speed
  • B) A period of heavy rain
  • C) A cloudless sky
  • D) An ice storm

What is the difference between a typhoon and a hurricane?

  • A) Hurricanes are more intense
  • B) Typhoons are more intense
  • C) Hurricanes occur on the Western Hemisphere, Typhoons occur on the Eastern Hemisphere
  • D) A typhoon involves a tsunami

What is the term for winds blowing clockwise around an area of high pressure in the Northern hemisphere?

  • A) Anti-cyclone
  • B) Cyclone
  • C) Typhoon
  • D) Hurricane

Water particles that freeze once they hit the ground are called what?

  • A) Snow
  • B) Sleet
  • C) Ice
  • D) Freezing rain