Philadelphia soccer club unites African refugees

PHILADELPHIA -- As Mitchell Torh dipped his hand into the cool waters of the river that separates Liberia from Ivory Coast, the young boy didn't understand the stakes: His family was escaping from a civil war raging in his native Liberia. In Torh'...

Colombia could be the gem of this World Cup

BRASILIA, Brazil -- Colombia will mark two soccer milestones this week.

One is happy, the other tragic. One inspires pride, the other sorrow.

And chances are one doesn't happen without the other.

On Friday, Colombia plays in a World Cup ...

World Cup Friday



Where: Rio de Janeiro. Time: 12 noon EDT.

TV: ESPN2, Univision.

The buzz: No European team has ever won a World Cup in the Americas, but with two European countries meeting in this quarterfinal, the continent ...