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(Regular Season) What is the Miami Dolphins record for "most points in a game" and who was it against?

  • A) Dolphins (55) vs Cardinals (14)
  • B) Dolphins (59) vs Patriots (0)
  • C) Dolphins (58) vs Bills (24)

(Regular Season) What is the Oakland Raiders record for "most points in a game" and who was it against?

  • A) Raiders (62) vs Jets (28)
  • B) Raiders (63) vs Giants (7)
  • C) Raiders (52) vs Titans (25)

Which NFL team has had the longest winning streak in the league?

  • A) New England Patriots
  • B) Chicago Bears
  • C) Indianapolis Colts

What are the Baltimore Ravens team colors?

  • A) Black, Orange, and Metallic Gold
  • B) Black, Purple, and Metallic Gold
  • C) Black, Purple, and Metallic Silver

Who is the General Manager of the Carolina Panthers?

  • A) Jerry Richardson
  • B) Marty Hurney
  • C) Jerry Jones

Which Pennsylvania team won the Thanksgiving Day Game (Home) in both 1939 and 1940?

  • A) Philadelphia Eagles
  • B) Pittsburgh Steelers
  • C) Detroit Lions

How many touchdowns did the Seattle Seahawks have in 2009?

  • A) 46
  • B) 33
  • C) 30

Which city has hosted the Super Bowl the most?

  • A) South Florida
  • B) New Orleans
  • C) Los Angeles

In which year did the first Super Bowl occur, and who was the game between?

  • A) 1972 (Green Bay vs Oakland)
  • B) 1969 (N.Y. Jets vs Green Bay)
  • C) 1967 (Green Bay vs Kansas City)

Which NFL player has the record for accumulating the most points in a game?

  • A) Dub Jones
  • B) Morten Andersen
  • C) Ernie Nevers