Tiger Woods

See if you can tame the Tiger with this quiz.

Points available: 10


When Tiger was a two-year-old, he demonstrated his golf skills on what TV show?

  • A) The Smothers Brothers Show
  • B) Mike Douglas Show
  • C) The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson
  • D) The Late Show with David Letterman

When Tiger was a three-year-old, he was able to shoot which of the following scores as his low 9-hole round?

  • A) 62
  • B) 55
  • C) 50
  • D) 48

Tiger's real name is Eldrick. How did he get the nickname "Tiger"?

  • A) A friend from Stanford gave him the name.
  • B) Tiger's friend and fellow pro Mark O'Meara coined the name based on Tiger's competitive nature.
  • C) Tiger was named after a Vietnamese war comrade of his father.
  • D) The PGA gave him the nickname for marketing purposes.

Tiger made his PGA debut at the Nissan Open. How old was he?

  • A) 14
  • B) 15
  • C) 16
  • D) 17

Tiger has two rituals for every Sunday final round. One ritual is wearing a red shirt. What is the other?

  • A) He double-knots his shoelaces.
  • B) He wears a red hat.
  • C) He puts tape on his middle and ring fingers.
  • D) He removes all headcovers from his clubs.

Speaking of final rounds ... in one of Tiger's most exciting wins, which golfer took Tiger to extra holes in the 2000 PGA Championship?

  • A) Ernie Els
  • B) David Duval
  • C) Bob May
  • D) Phil Mickelson

Before the 2006 season, Tiger had earned the record for victory margin in which two majors?

  • A) Masters and US Open
  • B) US Open and British Open
  • C) British Open and PGA Championship
  • D) PGA Championship and Masters

Which of the following golf records does Tiger NOT own?

  • A) Lowest scoring average for one season (67.79 in 2000)
  • B) Most consecutive rounds at par or better
  • C) Most prize money in a single season and career
  • D) Youngest player to win five PGA events

Tiger's mother, Kultilda, is from what country?

  • A) China
  • B) Japan
  • C) Vietnam
  • D) Thailand

Tiger and his father Earl established the Tiger Woods Foundation (TWF) for disadvantaged children in 1996. According to the TWF Web site (www.twfound.org), what values are the most important to Tiger and the mission of TWF?

  • A) Making money, success, long shots and putting
  • B) Integrity, honesty, discipline, responsibility, and fun
  • C) Being the best golfer and staying focused
  • D) Scoring well, working out, reading and writing