Baseball Trivia

Test your knowledge of baseball.

Points available: 10


What Major League baseball team was originally called the "Highlanders"?

  • A) Red Sox
  • B) Yankees
  • C) Dodgers
  • D) Giants

Who was the first player to hit three home runs in one World Series game?

  • A) Mark McGwire
  • B) Reggie Jackson
  • C) Albert Pujols
  • D) Babe Ruth

Who played Lou Gehrig in the classic baseball movie "Pride of the Yankees"?

  • A) Gary Cooper
  • B) William Bendix
  • C) Jimmy Stewart
  • D) Lee Marvin

Where is the AAA minor league franchise for the Baltimore Orioles?

  • A) Norfolk
  • B) Pawtucket
  • C) Rochester
  • D) Durham

Who was once married to Marilyn Monroe?

  • A) Mickey Mantle
  • B) Whitey Ford
  • C) Billy Martin
  • D) Joe Dimaggio

What was Babe Ruth's position when he started in the major leagues?

  • A) First Base
  • B) Pitcher
  • C) Right Field
  • D) Left Field

Who is the godfather of Barry Bonds?

  • A) Maury Wills
  • B) Orlando Cepeda
  • C) Willie McCovey
  • D) Willie Mays

What was Pete Rose's nickname?

  • A) Pistol Pete
  • B) Runnin' Rosie
  • C) Charley Hustle
  • D) The Gambler

Who is the all-time stolen base champ of baseball?

  • A) Lou Brock
  • B) Maury Wills
  • C) Pete Rose
  • D) Rickey Henderson

What was the original name of the Houston baseball team?

  • A) The Astros
  • B) The Colt 45's
  • C) The Rockets
  • D) The Cowboys