Know Your Baseball?

Test your knowledge of baseball.

Points available: 10


Who was the last hitter in Major League Baseball to win the triple crown?

  • A) Mickey Mantle
  • B) Ted Williams
  • C) Carl Yastrzemski
  • D) Jim Rice

What baseball movie featured the character "Crash Davis"?

  • A) The Rookie
  • B) Field of Dreams
  • C) Major League
  • D) Bull Durham

In a baseball boxscore, what does "S" mean?

  • A) Strikeout
  • B) Save
  • C) Steal
  • D) Shutout

Who is the only pitcher to have won the Cy Young award as a rookie?

  • A) Dwight Gooden
  • B) Roger Clemens
  • C) Vida Blue
  • D) Fernando Valenzuela

What pitcher holds the record for the most wins by a lefthander?

  • A) Warren Spahn
  • B) Steve Carlton
  • C) Sandy Koufax
  • D) Whitey Ford

What great pitcher was known as "Lefty"?

  • A) Warren Spahn
  • B) Steve Carlton
  • C) Sandy Koufax
  • D) Whitey Ford

What former baseball broadcaster gave regular commentary on National Public Radio?

  • A) Frank Deford
  • B) Curt Gowdy
  • C) Red Barber
  • D) Harry Caray

Who is the only pitcher in history to pitch back to back no-hitters?

  • A) Hippo Vaughn
  • B) Johnny Van Der Meer
  • C) Nolan Ryan
  • D) Sandy Koufax

What baseball team once played home games at Crosley Field?

  • A) Pittsburgh Pirates
  • B) Milwaukee Braves
  • C) St. Louis Browns
  • D) Cincinnati Reds

Which of the following pairs of major leaguers are NOT brothers?

  • A) George and Ken Brett
  • B) Ray and Bob Boone
  • C) Phil and Joe Niekro
  • D) Gaylord and Jim Perry