Fall a good time to hook chinook in Wisconsin

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PORT WASHINGTON, Wis. -- The sun was still an hour from its appointed arrival. But flashes in the predawn sky lit up the harbor like it was midday.

A storm cell skirted the northern edge of Port Washington, its dark gray form illuminated every few seconds by bolts of lightning.

"You wonder if it will put a charge in the fish," said Brian ...Read more

Special waterfowl hunt proves a 'blessing' for Twin Cities veterans

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Orville Johnson's lifelong hunting buddy died six years ago.

"We were best friends for 70 years," said Johnson, 84, as he hunkered on a recent day in a hunting blind, cradling his 12-gauge, searching the early morning sky for Canada geese.

Waterfowl hunting has been Johnson's passion, which is why an unusual early-season Canada goose hunt for ...Read more

Photo 'indisputable proof' that mountain lions live in Kansas

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SUMNER COUNTY, Kan. -- At the age of 51, and working long hours out of town, it's been a while since Danny Holden did much dancing.

But Wednesday he was cutting up the sand near a creek bottom when he found the image of what appears to be a mountain lion on a trail camera on a wide path used by Holden's family and a variety of wildlife.

"I've ...Read more

Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............5:20 a.m.............................................5:50 p.m.

Monday.............6:15 a.m...............................................Read more

There's more to fall turkey hunting than meets the eye

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BRANSON, Mo. -- The fall season doesn't raise the heartbeat of most turkey hunters.

They dream of warm spring days when lovesick toms gobble loudly, respond to hunters' calls and put on a show as they strut in. The fall season, when most hunters are pursuing flocks of young turkeys or stubborn adult gobblers, isn't nearly as much of a draw.

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Wing tips: The art of bird hunting

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In explosions of sound and color, ring-necked pheasants burst into flight from the brush at a hunter's feet. Ruffed grouse often flush from the far side of grape thickets. Wood ducks and Canada geese can sail past at the edge of shotgun range, and mourning doves dart in and out from every direction at speeds up to 55 mph.

Bird hunting can be a ...Read more

Rain will affect early duck hunts in Florida

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Recent rains do not bode well for South Florida waterfowlers when the early season for teal and wood duck opens.

The sudden abundance of water in the region means the ducks, especially teal, can hang out in places where duck hunters have no access.

That's pretty much what happened last year, when farmland in South ...Read more

Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............11:45 p.m..........................................11:55 a.m.

Monday.............Midnight........................................12:20...Read more

Entertainer Shoji Tabuchi is in harmony with Ozarks

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BRANSON, Mo. -- Nijimasu.

In a word, Shoji Tabuchi described the excitement generated by the fish on the end of his line at Lake Taneycomo.

Before he even landed his catch, he offered a translation.

"That's Japanese for rainbow trout," he said as he pulled his catch into a landing net.

That's also a translation for one of the reasons Tabuchi...Read more

Killing cormorants to save salmon: 11,000 in crosshairs of controversial program

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EAST SAND ISLAND, Ore. -- Shots ring out -- boom, boom, boom, boom -- then there's a splash: government agents gunning for double-crested cormorants have hit their mark again.

Federal agents have stalked this tiny uninhabited island with night-vision goggles and silencers, blasting birds on the nest. They have oiled more than 5,000 eggs to ...Read more

Kansas teen tags world-class whitetail buck

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Clayton Brummer may only be 16, but he knew enough to not let a world-class non-typical buck get away on Sept. 8.

"When he stepped out of the corn, he gave me 'the look,' the one that tells you he's seen you and he's getting ready to run," said Brummer, 16. "I've hunted enough to know I only had time to hurry up and shoot."

Earlier in the ...Read more

At 15 years old, a veteran of the hunt

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DULUTH, Minn. -- Venus shone like a beacon in the east before dawn on a recent morning. But it's a good bet that Caleb Mannon didn't notice.

Caleb, 15, was pulling on layers of camouflage clothing by the red beam of his dad's pickup taillights. It was opening day of Duluth's city bow hunt for whitetails. He and his dad, Phil Mannon, were ...Read more

Lake Ozark man is drawn to vintage wooden boats

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LAKE OZARK, Mo. -- Terry Hart walked down to his dock at Lake of the Ozarks and introduced a visitor to his pride and joy.

"This is Chug," he said, nodding toward his vintage wooden ski boat. "This is our go-to-dinner boat.

"When we pull up to a dock outside a (waterfront) restaurant, they're not coming out to look at the million-dollar boats....Read more

For early season archery, use pre-rut tactics

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Even though Labor Day last week felt like the end of something, the calendar and nature still think it's summer.

Days are getting shorter -- photoperiod is starting to impact animal behaviors -- but for Pennsylvania's pre-rut deer the weather, smells, food availability and lush green foliage tell them it's summer and the living is easy.

When ...Read more

Boundary Waters and back: Lasting impressions from border country

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BOUNDARY WATERS CANOE AREA WILDERNESS -- Sometime between the first portage and several miles and hours later at our campsite perch on the sturdy shoulders of a granite rim, a thought came and then took full form:

I hadn't escaped the real world -- as the cliche goes. Rather, there was something native to my being here.

I'm not offering ...Read more

On some lakes, selective harvesting of largemouth bass is good for the fishery

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The midday sun cast a thousand diamonds on the wind-fetched surface of Half Moon Lake.

As delightful as the fleeting gems were, Mike Yurk and I didn't try to collect them, even with a camera.

We were intent on mining a more tangible resource on the lake, one found under the waves.

Yurk tossed a rubber worm into the shade of a pier. As the ...Read more

The early birds get the doves in Missouri

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. -- On opening day of the Missouri dove season, Rick Cartwright arrived at the Platte Falls Conservation Area at 5 a.m. -- more than an hour before the start of shooting hours.

But he quickly discovered that he was late. Way late.

"When I got here, there were so many lights out here in this field, it looked like a runway at KCI...Read more

Government won't help the Everglades

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Here's the biggest news that came out of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission meeting in Fort Lauderdale last week:

The Everglades and Everglades National Park are in huge trouble.

When the freshwater Everglades have too much water, it is rarely allowed to flow south. And the park, which has too little water, receives only a ...Read more

Good nesting season may mean more grouse this fall

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Grouse hunters in both Minnesota and Wisconsin should see seasons similar to last year's, if not a bit better, according to grouse experts in both states.

The ruffed grouse season opens Saturday and continues through Jan. 31 in Wisconsin's northern zone. Minnesota's statewide ruffed grouse season opens Sept. 19 and continues through Jan. 3.

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Best times for anglers

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This table lists top fishing times and days for the coming weeks. For best results, begin fishing one hour before and continue one hour after the times given. Times apply to all time zones.

Sunday...............12:05 p.m..........................................12:25 a.m.

Monday.............12:45 p.m.......................................1:10 ...Read more