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Social Security Q&A: Disability Eligibility


How does Social Security decide if I am disabled?


For an adult to be considered disabled, Social Security must determine that you are unable to do the work you did before and that, based on your age, education, and work ...

Social Security Q&A

Question: I stumbled onto your YouTube channel while looking at funny cat videos. Why does Social Security produce cat videos?

Answer: It's just one of many ways for us to connect to people where they already spend time. It's important for us to ...

Social Security Q&A: Disability

Social Security questions and answers on Disability:

Q: What are the requirements for receiving disabled widow's benefits?

A:You may be able to get disabled widow(er)'s benefits at age 50 if you meet Social Security's disability requirement. ...

Social Security Q&A: Retirement


What type of information will I need to provide if I'd like to apply online for Social Security retirement benefits?


Whether you apply for retirement benefits online, by phone or in an office, we suggest that you have the ...

Social Security Q&A

Q: I lost my Social Security card, but I remember my number. Do I really need a new card?

A: No, probably not -- but it is important to know your number. The only time you may need the Social Security card is if your employer asks for it when you...