King James Bible

How much do you know about the history of the King James Version of the Bible? Take this quiz to find out, and learn some interesting facts along the way.

Points available: 10


In what year was the King James Version of the Bible first printed?

  • A) 1600
  • B) 1611
  • C) 1656
  • D) 1684

The word "Bible" originally comes from:

  • A) Greek
  • B) Latin
  • C) Aramaic
  • D) Hebrew

Which was not one of the reasons King James I insisted on a new translation of the Bible?

  • A) He believed the existing translation was too difficult to understand.
  • B) He found proof that the translation wasn't very accurate.
  • C) He was dissatisfied with the existing Bible's puritanism.
  • D) Many people were offended by the current innacurate translation.

The KJV was translated from:

  • A) The original Greek and Hebrew
  • B) Old English
  • C) Latin
  • D) Aramaic

Where and when were the translators allowed to write notes on the side?

  • A) As deemed appropriate by them.
  • B) To clarify the words of Jesus.
  • C) To explain Greek and Latin words.
  • D) They weren't to be added at all.

How many committees worked on the translation of the Bible and Apocrypha?

  • A) Two
  • B) Four
  • C) Five
  • D) Six

In which country is the KJV copyrighted?

  • A) Italy
  • B) France
  • C) The United Kingdom
  • D) Israel

Who do many people believe contributed to the translation of the KJV?

  • A) Christopher Marlowe
  • B) Queen Elizabeth I
  • C) William Shakespeare
  • D) King James himself

Why was large print used in the original edition?

  • A) To make it easier for older people to read.
  • B) So that it could be read from a distance when laid open in a church.
  • C) Because that was the only size font the printer had.
  • D) To emphasize the importance of the book.

In 1611, what was the price of a bound copy of the King James Bible?

  • A) Five pence
  • B) Twelve Shillings
  • C) Five shillings
  • D) Three pounds