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Why Should We Give Thanks To God?

On Thanksgiving Day, families all over America sit down to dinner at the same time -- halftime.

"Thanksgiving has two good words," says Hollie, age 9. "They are 'thanks' and 'giving,' and that's what we need to do -- thank others and be giving....

Who Is a Disciple of Christ?

"People will know that I am a follower of Jesus if I get caught doing good deeds," says Emma, 8.

Being caught for doing good deeds?

That isn't the way it worked at the elementary school I attended. But that's the policy instituted at ...

How Can We Make Jesus More Important In Our Lives?

"We can make Jesus more important in our lives by putting Christ in the center of all we do," says Nathaniel, 8. "We do this by finding pleasure in studying God's Word, learning about him and hiding God's Word in our heart that we might not sin ...