Kids Talk About God / Religion & Spirituality

What Can We Learn From Suffering?

"We learn that even though something bad may happen, in the end, something good will happen," says Elizabeth, 9. "My cousin's parents got divorced, but it turned out to be kind of a good thing because she got to get a kitten."

Well, even cat ...

What Will You Do When You See God? (Part 2)

"When I see God, he'll make a rainbow for me," says Ally, 5. "He's gonna show me how to make one. He's gonna sit down in the grass and eat an apple with me."

Ally's answer is more than cute. It could be insightful as well. Who knows the entire ...

What Will You Do When You See God? (Part 1)

"When I see God, I will give him a big hug," says Whitney. "Then I will go say 'hi' to all the people in Bible times. Then I will ask him everything I ask my parents that they can't answer."

Whitney, I'm sure your parents will rejoice with you....

What Can We Learn From Adam Naming the Animals?

"If Adam hadn't named the animals, we wouldn't know one animal from the other. We might have cow brains for breakfast, lizard guts for lunch and dog toes for dinner," says James, 9.

With such an active imagination, James has more going for him ...

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