Billy Graham / Religion & Spirituality

Shouldn't I Be Free to Live As I Want?

Q: I agree that people ought to be legally free to believe in God and follow whatever they think He wants them to do. A: Our nation's laws certainly give you this right, and I hope our freedom of religion is never taken from us.

Is Satan a Real Person?

Q: What do you think of when you hear the word "Satan"? A: It's often been said that one of the devil's greatest tricks is to convince people that he doesn't really exist -- and it's true. But Satan really does exist -- just as surely as God exists.

How Can I Change My Attitude Towards Christmas?

Q: I know Christmas is still weeks away, but I'm already dreading it. A: I suspect many readers could echo your complaint; Christmas has become so busy and commercial today that it's hard not to feel overwhelmed. Of course, it shouldn't be this way.

Why Are Some Christians So Grumpy?

Q: Why are some Christians so grumpy? A: I wish they weren't so unpleasant, either, because that's not the way Christians ought to be! I don't know why your neighbors are this way; it simply may be part of their personality.

What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus?

Q: What does it mean to follow Jesus? A: Some men and women may be called by God to do exactly what you say; over the years, I've been humbled to meet some of them. But most of us aren't called to a ministry of prayer like this.