Billy Graham / Religion & Spirituality

Why Did God Let My Mother Die?

Q: I used to believe in God, but I stopped after my mother died of cancer last year. A: Elsewhere in your letter, you describe just how close you were to your mother, and I know her death still causes you great pain and sorrow.

What Happened to All the Cults?

Q: It seems like we used to hear a lot about cults a decade or so ago, but I hardly hear anything about them today. A: A few cults do seem to have faded away or lost their appeal.

Should I Do Something I'm Uncomfortable With?

Q: My boss is asking me to do something on a government contract that isn't legal. A: Let me be clear on what you should NOT do: You shouldn't give in to the pressure to do something wrong, even if your boss thinks he can get by with it.

Why is Our Family So Messed Up?

Q: Someone in our family is always having a crisis, and all of their problems end up in my lap. A: I don't think I've ever seen a family that didn't have problems, and I doubt if I ever will.