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ONE FOR THE TABLE: A simple summer pasta A simple pasta is a life saver. First tip: Don't just rely on tomato sauce to coat the pasta. This dish came about through serendipity. I added them during the last five minutes of pasta cooking time. Voila.

Mario Batali: Hot and Cold Summer Squash

Pomì is a staple in authentic Italian homes. Zucchini, the miracle squash, is so easy to grow that it and other summer squashes are abundant in backyard gardens, farmers' markets and grocery stores this time of year.

Tidbits: Chobani and Hostess


There were already many ways to buy Chobani, the popular Greek-style yogurt. Including new flavors, there are four with fruit on the bottom, 13 blended (including "limited batches" of watermelon and pink grapefruit); eleven 100-...