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Medals with Meaning

The takeaway from any credible wine competition depends on the perspective of those examining the results.

Consumers typically look for good value, so they tend to focus on gold awards and above that fall within an affordable price range.


Highlights from the San Diego International

Among my many tasks and pleasures as Director of the San Diego International wine competition is the tasting aspect.

In this competition, medals are awarded for excellence in three tiers: silver, gold and platinum. To earn a silver medal, a wine...

A Tale of Two Houses

REIMS, France -- From a distance, Laurent-Perrier and Bruno Paillard, two prominent Champagne houses, would appear to have little in common but for the bubbles.

Laurent-Perrier was founded more than 200 years ago and is steeped in tradition, a ...

Earth to Bordeaux

On a recent Sunday evening in La Jolla, Calif, while the guest at a dinner organized by the San Diego chapter of the Commanderie de Bordeaux, I learned the conditions for Bordeaux in America are not as dismal as I had feared. They are worse.


New Souverain Maintains Value Legacy

It is one thing to have a thirst for fine wine, quite another to support the habit.

If money were no object, a top-notch Barolo or perhaps a grand cru Burgundy would do nicely as my house wine. That's not very realistic, however, because I, like...

The Wonder of Wine Competitions

Game on. That would be the long race to the end of the wine competition season, which for me concludes with the Sommelier Challenge in September. I'm a true believer.

This year, I'm on board for nine competitions -- four as director and five as ...