If you love your desserts -- and who doesn't? -- try this quiz on all things sweet.

Points available: 10


Where does creme brulee originally come from?

  • A) France
  • B) England
  • C) Italy
  • D) Spain

In which of these countries did gelato originate?

  • A) Italy
  • B) Austria
  • C) France
  • D) Romania

When cooked, what kind of sauce does flan create?

  • A) Butter
  • B) Milk
  • C) Caramel
  • D) It doesn't produce a sauce

What flavoring does tiramisu have?

  • A) Coffee
  • B) Rum
  • C) Vanilla
  • D) Almond

How is a New York cheesecake baked?

  • A) In a water bath
  • B) At a very high temperature
  • C) At a very low temperature
  • D) It isn't baked

What crepe-like food can be filled with sweet ingredients to serve as a dessert, or with meat to make it part of a main course?

  • A) Baklava
  • B) Blenny
  • C) Baked Alaska
  • D) Blintz

Which of these is the name of a Greek dessert made from filo pastry?

  • A) Baklava
  • B) Taramasalata
  • C) Tzatziki
  • D) Kanalvata

What is "panna cotta"?

  • A) Ice cream
  • B) Pudding
  • C) Cooked cream
  • D) Cake

What are the main ingredients in ice cream?

  • A) Eggs, sugar, water, and milk
  • B) Eggs, milk, cream, and sugar
  • C) Eggs, milk, baking powder, and sugar
  • D) Sugar, eggs, cream, and baking soda

Around what holiday would you eat "Buche de Noel"?

  • A) Christmas
  • B) Halloween
  • C) Easter
  • D) Thanksgiving