Gourmet Terms

Do you know the difference between fondant and fondue? Try this quiz to find out what the experts call your favourite food.

Points available: 10


What is oenology?

  • A) The study of wine-making
  • B) A wine-tasting gathering
  • C) A method for pressing olive oil
  • D) Study of the history of food

Which of the following does a demi-glace traditionally contain?

  • A) Sugar
  • B) Wine
  • C) Stock
  • D) Butter

Which is the closest in meaning to "macerate"?

  • A) Slice
  • B) Sautee
  • C) Sear
  • D) Marinate

What part of a cooked bird is called the "pope's nose" or "parson's nose"?

  • A) Tail
  • B) Neck
  • C) Gizzard
  • D) Inside of the leg

Which part of the fruit is called the "zest"?

  • A) The white part of the peel
  • B) The colored part of the peel
  • C) The entire peel
  • D) The very outside of the peeled fruit

Where does isinglass come from?

  • A) Fruit
  • B) Sugar
  • C) Meat
  • D) Fish

Which of these is a kind of frosting?

  • A) Fond
  • B) Fondant
  • C) Fondue
  • D) Fontina

Which of the following, when layered, can the term "Neapolitan" refer to?

  • A) Ice cream
  • B) Gelatin
  • C) Cake
  • D) All of the above

What are "pommes frites"?

  • A) Fried fish
  • B) French fries
  • C) A kind of fruit
  • D) Fried bread

What does "hard sauce" traditionally accompany?

  • A) Steamed lobster
  • B) Fried fish
  • C) Plum pudding
  • D) Chocolate cake