8 new wines to try this year

By now, you've broken all your well-meant 2015 resolutions, right? You haven't done a lick for world peace. Haven't trimmed an inch of that muffin top. So here's a new, more practical resolution you might be able to keep.

Repeat after me: "I ...

Drinks trends in 2015 and wines to start your own

What's trending for drinks in 2015?


First, it continues to grow in popularity.

Americans were on a course to buy a million more 12-bottle cases in 2014, for a total of 322 million cases, keeping its status as the number-one overall wine-...

Fred Tasker's favorite wines of 2014

One of a wine lover's greatest joys is to pick up a glass of wine, swirl it, sniff it, tip it for that first, tentative swallow and just say, "Wow."

Top grape growers and winemakers go to almost absurd lengths to create that epiphany. They search...

Bubbly not just for toasting

Maybe you loved 2014 and look forward to 2015. Maybe you want to say "good riddance" to the old year and hope the new one will be better.

Either way, you'll need some bubbles for toasting when the clock nears midnight on New Year's Eve.

And that...