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Jump in, Jeb

WASHINGTON -- Run, Jeb, run.

I mean it, despite two powerful arguments against a presidential run by Jeb Bush -- one specific to the former Florida governor, one more generic.

Generic first, because it is the more compelling: The thought of a ...

Lessons from Patient Zero

WASHINGTON -- Monica Lewinsky is trying to make lemonade out of 16-year-old lemons. Good for her, and good, ultimately, for us.

Not so good, of course, for Hillary Clinton's nascent presidential campaign, but not fatal either. Lewinsky's decision...

A Most Forgettable Election

WASHINGTON -- The closing days of a closely fought election rarely offer uplifting moments, but the 2014 season has been particularly dreary, nearly devoid of content and high on unedifying spectacle.

Perhaps the iconic moment came when former ...

The Worry You Can Conquer

WASHINGTON -- If you are worried about contracting Ebola, I have two suggestions. First, stop. Second, get a flu shot.

On the first: If you live in the United States, your chances of getting Ebola are vanishingly small -- even if you are a health...

Clinton's Gender Comfort

WASHINGTON -- The 2008 campaign was the first time a woman was a serious presidential contender, so it was not surprising that gender was an uncomfortable, tiptoe-y subject. The male candidates weren't sure-footed in dealing with it -- recall ...

One Amazing Transformation

WASHINGTON -- Who would have thought:

-- That gay rights groups' biggest concern would not be how the Supreme Court would rule on same-sex marriage but that it wasn't ruling fast enough?

-- That the Republican response to the justices' move to ...