Ruben Navarrett Jr / Politics

The Taken-for-Granted Voters

SAN DIEGO -- As Election Day approaches, many Latinos are in a funk because they feel trapped between bad choices.

Latinos can't bring themselves to vote for Republicans, and yet -- because they have always resisted the concept of getting ...

Getting Smart at the Border

SAN DIEGO -- Recently, after I took a jab at right-wingers with closed minds who want closed borders, a reader asked:

"Are you for open borders and the elimination of the Border Patrol? If you are not, please tell your readers what level of ...

Diversity Meets Journalism

SAN DIEGO -- There's a rift between CNN and the National Association of Black Journalists. Now the leader of the Congressional Black Caucus wants to make a federal case out of it.

CNN's parent company, Time Warner-owned Turner Broadcasting, is ...

Latino Reality Check

SAN DIEGO -- With just weeks until the midterm elections, Democrats are in the doghouse with Latino voters.

It's because of immigration, where Democrats have overplayed their hand of blaming Republicans when they fail to do the right thing or ...

Make a Living But Remember to Live

SAN DIEGO -- Thank you, Shonda Rhimes. You've set me free.

The same goes for millions of other parents who spend their days chasing after what has to be the most overscheduled generation of children ever.

Freedom came in the form of a single ...

A Heckler's Reasoning

SAN DIEGO -- When someone puts herself at risk to make a point, the rest of us might ask why she stuck her neck out. But she could just as well turn the question around and ask us why we stayed silent.

I asked Blanca Hernandez -- a 31-year-old ...