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Another Slur From Hollywood

SAN DIEGO -- Today's deep philosophical question comes from Hollywood: If a racist comment is uttered at the Academy Awards, but it comes from a liberal, is the comment really racist?

The liberal website The Huffington Post doesn't think so. It ...

'Fresh' Sitcom Makes You Laugh -- and Think

SAN DIEGO -- A lot of what is on television seems stale. But ABC has a fresh new offering that deserves to be watched, praised and nurtured. Because if it fails to find an audience, we won't be this lucky again for a long time.

Such is the ...

On immigration, a farce of debate

SAN DIEGO -- The immigration debate has always been flawed. But lately, as Washington has taken on a greater role, it has become farcical. 

The debate is flawed because it is dishonest, lacks nuance, and offers simple solutions to a ...

It Takes a King

SAN DIEGO -- When making excuses for inaction on difficult issues, President Obama has declared that he is "not a king."

You had better believe it.

For one thing, as we've learned over the last few weeks, Obama is no King Abdullah II.

During ...

Brian Williams the Storyteller

SAN DIEGO -- This is what Brian Williams gets for strutting like a peacock.

The NBC News anchor -- who was caught misrepresenting details of his reporting during the Iraq War, which then led to revelations about what could be additional ...

Vaccine Debate Not Settled

SAN DIEGO -- The absurdity of the vaccine debate has come into focus. We've become familiar with the concept of "herd immunity" -- the assumption that, if enough people are vaccinated against a communicable disease, the few who aren't stand a good...