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Constituent Non-Service

SAN DIEGO -- Many Latino lawmakers have nicknames. In California, we continue the tradition. Often times, we call them "defendant."

In a state where Latinos make up more than 38 percent of the population, it's shameful to see Latino legislators ...

Advice Best Left Ignored

SAN DIEGO -- When it comes to what to do about the turmoil in Ferguson, Mo., President Obama is getting some bad advice.

It came from one of the nation's leading African-American intellectuals.

Georgetown University professor Michael Eric Dyson ...

Tell the Story, Don't Be It

SAN DIEGO -- Here are four tips for young reporters willing to learn from the mistakes of those caught up in the events of Ferguson, Mo.

-- Learn how to cover a story without becoming the story.

-- If you want to express opinions, become an ...

The Boundaries of Identity

SAN DIEGO -- Who's afraid of a little 'ol hyphen?

Apparently, some of my readers. What sets off many of them is when I refer to myself as a "Mexican-American." What sets me off is when they have the audacity to confront me over it.

The latest ...

Called Out for Coziness

SAN DIEGO -- The National Association of Hispanic Journalists is getting good at producing embarrassing headlines.

Last year, at the NAHJ's conference in Anaheim, Calif., the organization's leaders rolled over and allowed one of the panelists -- ...

A Changing Tune on Immigration

SAN DIEGO -- I used to have a lot of respect for William Kristol when it came to the issue of immigration.

In the 1990s, when California voters approved Proposition 187 to deny public benefits to illegal immigrants, Kristol was part of an ...