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Robert J. Samuelson / Politics

A Statistical Feast!

WASHINGTON -- The Stat Abstract is dead. Long live the Stat Abstract.

As regular readers of this column know, I've been a fanatical booster of the Statistical Abstract of the United States, which has collected the most complete and compact set of...

The Happiness Curve

WASHINGTON -- We all want to be happy, don't we? Well, if you're dissatisfied, frustrated or downright miserable, cheer up. There's apparently a cure for you. Even better, it will materialize automatically. Just sit and wait; the very anticipation...

Understanding the Oil Crash

WASHINGTON -- The great oil bust of 2014 is something to behold.

Since mid-June, crude prices have dropped roughly 40 percent, from $115 a barrel for the Brent benchmark to about $70 a barrel now. U.S. gasoline prices have fallen almost a dollar ...

Echoes From the 1920s

"The nation of which [Warren G.] Harding became president was not happy, and forces were underway which seemed likely, unless arrested, to bring more serious unhappiness."

-- journalist Mark Sullivan, 1935

WASHINGTON -- As Harding took ...