In agricultural heartland, Trump sides with California farmers over environmentalists

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SAN DIEGO--Donald Trump waded into California's perennial water wars Friday, taking the side of agriculture and vowing to boost the state's farmers even if it means cutting back environmental protections.

"If I win, believe me, we're going to start opening up the water so that you can have your farmers survive, so that your job market will get ...Read more

GOP woos Marco Rubio to run for Senate re-election

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MIAMI--It's the nightmare political scenario for the five Republicans running for Florida's open U.S. Senate seat: What if Marco Rubio changes his mind and seeks re-election?

For months, Rubio denied any interest in remaining in Congress if he lost his presidential bid. Even after getting creamed in Florida's March 15 primary, Rubio insisted he...Read more

Large demonstrations as Trump speaks in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO -- Donald Trump was met in San Diego by hundreds of protesters, creating some tense moments both inside and outside the San Diego Convention Center.

There were a few clashes between protesters and police, but they ended quickly. Inside, Trump's talk was interrupted by protesters, who were removed.

Hours earlier, a much smaller group ...Read more

Trump: It would be 'inappropriate' to debate Sanders

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump won't debate Sen. Bernie Sanders after all.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee said it would be "inappropriate that I would debate the second-place finisher."

"As much as I want to debate Bernie Sanders -- and it would be an easy payday --I will wait to debate ...Read more

Trump pulls the plug on debating Sanders, despite promise of an 'easy payday'

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WASHINGTON -- Cable television producers' daydreams of a Bernie Sanders-Donald Trump debate were dashed Friday afternoon when Trump finally pulled out of what he called an "easy payday."

For days, the two had publicly weighed such an unusual spectacle after Trump mentioned the possibility during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show. ...Read more

Bernie Sanders: 'Billionaires are not going to run this country'

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LOS ANGELES -- Although he's seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders delivered a fiery rebuke Friday of both parties as he sought to cast himself as a political outsider.

"It is too late for establishment politics, establishment economics. We need a political revolution," Sanders said with towering cranes at the Port of ...Read more

Clinton broadens money network as Trump gets started

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton is expanding the ranks of her money operation to people new to major Democratic Party fundraising, even as Donald Trump struggles to get the established Republican donor class on board.

Since the beginning of 2016, Clinton's campaign has added 125 major fundraisers to its list of "Hillblazers," supporters who have ...Read more

Where things stand as Congress leaves town

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WASHINGTON -- Congress is heading out of town for Memorial Day recess, but lawmakers still have plenty of items on their to-do lists.

Members on both sides of the aisle have pushed for action to address issues ranging from the Zika virus to authorizing defense programs. With roughly two months worth of legislative days left in 2016, here's a ...Read more

In the final stretch, how will a divided Supreme Court rule on these big cases?

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court is heading into the final month of its annual term amid lingering questions over whether the eight ideologically divided justices will be able to decide politically charged cases, including ones on abortion and immigration.

Since the February death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the justices have struggled at times. ...Read more

In the Democrats' battle for California, Sanders in particular is all over the map

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VENTURA, Calif. -- All week Bernie Sanders has galloped about California, showing up in places where presidential candidates usually don't tread.

On Sunday he was in Vista. On Tuesday he hit Riverside and San Bernardino. On Wednesday he was in Cathedral City and Lancaster. On Thursday, Ventura. On Saturday, he'll be in Santa Maria.

His ...Read more

Reaganomics band gets back together to advise Trump on tax plan

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump the real estate developer owes much of his fame to the 1980s. Now Donald Trump the presidential candidate is going back to that decade to call on President Ronald Reagan's economic team.

As the presumptive Republican nominee gets ready to put out his plan to boost U.S. growth, he's sought advice from some of the most ...Read more

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez in harsh Trump spotlight

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- These days, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez is a study in contrasts.

The nation's first Hispanic woman governor, she's also the first Hispanic chair of the Republican Governors Association.

But now she's bearing the national brunt of Donald Trump's scorn.

In her sixth year as a governor, Martinez has demonstrated ...Read more

Clinton lurks in shadows when sparring with Sanders on big banks

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton says that she, too, would break up banks. If necessary.

"But I go further," she said at a Democratic debate in April, "because I want the law to extend to those that are part of the shadow-banking industry." This has been her consistent answer as Bernie Sanders defines his campaign in opposition to the largest ...Read more

Regular disorder: Another House free-for-all

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WASHINGTON--Who is to blame when a free-for-all amendment process causes a $37.4 billion spending bill to collapse on the House floor?

The inclination may be to point the finger at Speaker Paul D. Ryan, who assumed the House's top job in October promising to open up more bills to amendments from both sides of the aisle.

Ryan, R-Wis., blamed ...Read more

Hillary Clinton bashes 'loose cannon' Trump

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Facing a tightening primary battle in California and renewed criticism over her tenure as secretary of State, Hillary Clinton received a hero's welcome Thursday from more than 1,000 supporters in downtown San Jose eager to help the likely Democratic nominee get her campaign back on track.

Clinton devoted much of her 25-...Read more

Was Trump kidding about a debate with Sanders? Not according to Sanders

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VENTURA, Calif. -- Who knows if the purported debate between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders will come off?

The Republican seemed to be half-joking when he suggested at a North Dakota appearance that he'd debate Sanders, the Vermont senator running for the Democratic nomination, if the event could raise money for women's health groups.

But ...Read more

Trump clinches GOP nomination and vows to back out of global warming pact

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Hours after effectively clinching the Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump vowed Thursday to withdraw the United States from the historic Paris agreement among 195 nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to stop global warming.

Trump, who has often dismissed the science on climate change as a hoax that threatens ...Read more

Clinton took to State Department hallways to check BlackBerry

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton was so attached to her BlackBerry as secretary of State that she was sometimes spotted in the hallway outside her highly secure office using the device, according to a State Department official.

"The crux of the issue was that BlackBerrys and iPhones are not allowed in the secretary's office suite, so the question ...Read more

Melissa Gilbert's planned withdrawal from congressional race has no recent precedent, official says

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LANSING, Mich. -- There aren't many election subjects he can say this about, but longtime Michigan Elections Director Chris Thomas says he has no experience handling a situation in which a candidate withdrew from an election because he or she reported being "physically unfit" to run, as former TV star Melissa Gilbert has indicated she wishes to ...Read more

Republicans urge Marco Rubio to reconsider Senate run

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WASHINGTON -- Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is telling reporters he stands by his decision not to seek another term in the Senate, even as some of his fellow Republican senators are going public with their calls for him to try to stick around.

The former presidential candidate said Thursday it was "unlikely" anything could sway him to be a late ...Read more