Domestic violence allegations surface against head of Trump's campaign

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Donald Trump's effort to overcome his deep unpopularity among female voters was dealt a setback Friday as decades-old domestic violence allegations surfaced against Stephen Bannon, the controversial new chief executive of his campaign.

In January 1996, according to a police report, Bannon grabbed his wife's wrist and neck, then smashed a phone ...Read more

Florida Jews could help Clinton carry state, poll suggests

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WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has "historically bad" support among Jewish voters in Florida, with large numbers rejecting his proposed temporary ban on Muslim immigration and most doubting his professed strong support for Israel, a new poll of Jewish voters has found.

If the Florida polling figures released Friday ...Read more

Christie confirms Trump campaign news before Trump campaign

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TRENTON, N.J. -- The Trump campaign took hours to confirm reports that it had added a new person to its senior staff, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie decided not wait for them.

"Mr. Trump's campaign has faith in him, they hired him," Christie, who also serves as head of Trump's transition team, told reporters at a news conference in Toms ...Read more

Clinton defends different foundation setup for Cabinet post, presidency

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton defended her family foundation's plan to change its configuration if she is elected president, and said neither she nor aides acted inappropriately in interactions with foundation donors while she was secretary of state.

"When you're secretary of state compared to president, it does require greater efforts and that...Read more

Senate Democrats may be ready to talk Trump on TV

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WASHINGTON -- For as much as Senate Democratic candidates talk about Donald Trump, they have steered clear -- relatively speaking -- from using him in a critical part of their campaigns: TV ads.

Is that about to change?

On Thursday, Ted Strickland's campaign in Ohio began airing a new TV ad that linked its Republican opponent, Sen. Rob Portman...Read more

Gowdy: FBI didn't ask Clinton about intent

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans unsatisfied with the FBI's recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton over her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state are questioning how the agency conducted its investigation.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told Fox News Thursday the FBI did not ask the Democratic presidential nominee or others...Read more

Analysis: Will Trump be the latest Republican to alienate the base with immigration pivot?

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's surprising pivot on illegal immigration -- a policy shift that remains in flux -- could bring one of the greatest risks he's faced in an already-turbulent campaign.

Trump's recent rethinking about whether to deport all 11 million immigrants in the country illegally, a signature issue that has propelled his campaign,...Read more

Sanders launches group to continue 'Our Revolution'

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His campaign is over, yet Bernie Sanders says that the movement he helped create -- one that ignited a youthful, liberal following during the Democratic primary -- will press onward.

And this week, the Vermont senator sought to help it with the launch of Our Revolution, a political organization that will raise money and dole it out to ...Read more

Jeb Bush offers disdain as Donald Trump begins 'morphing' on immigration

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As Donald Trump softens his harsh rhetoric on immigration, Jeb Bush has issued his own critique: The GOP nominee is "morphing" and Bush doesn't like it.

"All the things that Donald Trump railed against, he seems to be morphing into -- it's kind of disturbing," Bush, who was trounced by Trump in the Republican primaries this year, said Thursday ...Read more

Poll: Trump supporters have darker views on immigrants here illegally than other Americans

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's supporters have darker views of immigrants in the country illegally than do most other Americans, according to a new poll Thursday from the Pew Research Center.

Most people in America, an overwhelming 76 percent, believe these immigrants are as hardworking as U.S. citizens, and 67 percent say they are no more likely...Read more

Clinton accuses Trump of white nationalist ties in Nevada address

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Hillary Clinton launched into a new line of attack against Donald Trump on Thursday, accusing him during an address in Reno of helping foment racial hatred and refashioning the Republican Party as a welcome home for white nationalists.

In unrestrained language, Clinton took aim at Trump's affiliations with the so-called alt-right movement, a ...Read more

Poll: Voters don't trust Clinton, but she holds 10-point lead

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WASHINGTON -- A Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows the depth of how much of a lesser-than-two-evils election this year's presidential race is.

Nearly two-thirds of those who said they were voting for Republican candidate Donald Trump say they're motivated more by ensuring that Democrat Hillary Clinton doesn't get into the White ...Read more

EpiPen manufacturer says it will lower the cost of product

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WASHINGTON -- The embattled drug company whose price hikes of an anti-allergy product sparked calls for a government investigation and a congressional hearing has announced plans to lower the cost of its EpiPen product to consumers.

The company said Thursday that it will increase the value of a savings coupon offered to purchase its epinephrine...Read more

Study: Outside groups now a third of all campaign spending

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WASHINGTON -- Secret money from outside groups is flooding election campaign coffers at the highest level in 16 years to nearly a third of all political advertising, a study has found.

Super PACs make up the bulk of the ad buys in the 2016 election cycle, accounting for nearly 73 percent of all outside group spending, according to the study by ...Read more

Private immigrant detention firm gives $45K to pro-Trump fundraising group

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WASHINGTON -- The political arm of one of the country's leading operators of federally contracted immigrant detention facilities last month donated $45,000 to a joint fundraising committee supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, according to a recent Federal Election Commission filing.

A political action committee ...Read more

Trump's offshore tax-cut pitch falls flat in Silicon Valley

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NEW YORK -- Republican Donald Trump is proposing a big tax cut for companies like Apple Inc., which would see its tax rate slashed on about $200 billion of profit it keeps offshore.

Yet Apple's boss is raising funds for Trump's Democratic opponent for the White House.

Apple itself has no political action committee; Chief Executive Officer Tim ...Read more

Clinton raises California cash from Hollywood, tech luminaries

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton raised millions of dollars this week from big names in Hollywood and Silicon Valley amid a string of new developments about the Clinton Foundation and as Donald Trump stepped up attacks on her.

Stars including Magic Johnson, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, as well as big tech players including Apple chief ...Read more

Clinton's attacks on drug pricing leave health stocks reeling

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WASHINGTON -- Drugmakers are learning to duck for cover when Hillary Clinton puts them in her sights.

The Democratic presidential nominee's influence was on display again Wednesday, when she sent Mylan NV's shares plummeting as much as 6.2 percent within minutes of calling for the company to drop prices of its EpiPen emergency allergy shot. It ...Read more

Hillary Clinton is exploring the outer limits of fundraising like no presidential nominee ever has

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WASHINGTON -- If there were a moment in this presidential race when Hillary Clinton could act on her stated outrage over the obscene amount of money in politics, it is probably now, having eclipsed her rival Donald Trump in terms of cash in the bank and blocked off his most direct paths to victory.

But Clinton isn't tapping the brakes. She is ...Read more

Why the campaigns are coming to get you now

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WASHINGTON -- Who's that at the doorbell this sleepy August? It could be supporters of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, eager to pounce well before what used to be the traditional Labor Day start of a general election campaign.

Thirty-seven states, including the swing states of Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, now have some sort of pre-...Read more