Psst! Don't tell a soul I live in Greenwich and I went for Trump

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BOSTON -- To Donald Trump supporters in Greenwich, Conn., it's a hush-hush world, except for the brave few like Jim Campbell.

When he extolled the virtues of a Trump presidency at a political dinner a couple months ago, Campbell, a successful real-estate man, knew he was a rarity in Connecticut's GOP circles: a local committee leader willing to...Read more

What 8 years of Senate votes reveal about Clinton

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WASHINGTON--Now that her dominance of the Acela primaries has moved Hillary Clinton's nomination to the cusp of mathematical certainty, millions of voters will soon start looking for evidence to shape their judgment about her this fall.

The eight years Clinton spent in Congress produced an ocean of information that might help predict how her ...Read more

Republicans still planning to party in Cleveland — even if there's convention drama

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans want lobbyists and politicians to know there's plenty of opportunity to party this summer at their national convention in Cleveland. A 39-page guide for those who want to host soirees boasts that the city's Wonder Bar has the largest whiskey collection downtown. If that's not exclusive enough, the Alley Cat Oyster Bar (...Read more

Trump touts his anti-immigration plans at protest-marred event in Southern California

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Donald Trump put his roughest edges on display Thursday night in Costa Mesa as he opened his California primary campaign with a raw performance highlighting his hard-line views on illegal immigration and torture while trashing an array of rivals.

The frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination surrounded himself on stage with people ...Read more

Would Trump be least 'presidential' president ever?

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WASHINGTON -- Lyndon Johnson once pulled up his shirt and jacket to show reporters the scars from his gall bladder surgery.

Andrew Jackson's parrot got booted from his funeral for squawking obscenities, or so the legend goes.

The definition of acting "presidential" -- for denizens of the White House and even their pets -- has, at times, been ...Read more

Indiana looms large in GOP race, but Trump also focuses on the grand prize: California

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BURLINGAME, Calif. -- Even as he wages an epic battle in Indiana to smother rival Ted Cruz's candidacy, Donald Trump set off Thursday for Orange County and the Bay Area, underscoring California's crucial role in deciding whether the celebrity real estate developer becomes the Republican nominee for president.

Trump's landslide wins this week in...Read more

Florida GOP official under fire after Monica Lewinsky comment

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MIAMI -- In a presidential election in which the Republican front-runner commented on the size of his -- well, you know -- Broward's GOP chairman has taken the level of discourse to a new low.

Bob Sutton, chair of the Broward Republican Executive Committee, told The Washington Post that Democrat Hillary Clinton would be easy to defeat in a ...Read more

In Indiana, Kasich voters rebel against Cruz

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Andrea Wurtz, walking her attention-getting bulldog Jackson in Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis on Thursday, looked pained when she was asked about the presidential primary in her state.

A strong supporter of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, she had tickets for an election watch party with him next Tuesday night when his campaign ...Read more

Donald Trump and his supporters wonder how much being 'presidential' matters

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WEST CHESTER, Pa. -- A few minutes into a boisterous rally in which Donald Trump criticized one rival as a slob, yelled at a protester to "go home to Mom!" and implored his supporters to "wave to the dishonest media," the candidate paused for a moment to reflect.

"They want me to be presidential," Trump told the crowd of several thousand in a ...Read more

Boehner won't vote for 'miserable SOB' Cruz

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Former Speaker John A. Boehner told a crowd at Stanford University that he would vote for Donald Trump for president if he's the GOP nominee, but not for Sen. Ted Cruz.

"Lucifer in the flesh," Boehner said of the Texan, according to the Stanford Daily. "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends. I get along with almost everyone, but I have...Read more

Obama's push for court pick fizzles as Republicans stand firm

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WASHINGTON -- A media blitz by the White House and its allies has failed to crack Republican opposition to President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee, and it is all but certain the seat will remain vacant until after U.S. elections in November.

Television ad spending to support the nominee, appeals court judge Merrick Garland, has plummeted...Read more

In Indiana, the deal to stop Trump may be backfiring

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The silence in the parking lot of the Hamilton County fairgrounds is pierced only by a few songbirds, the ringing echo of a halyard slapping against a flagpole, and the gravel crunching beneath the footsteps of John Kasich's frustrated supporters.

A stream of voters arrived at the suburban Indianapolis fairgrounds on Tuesday to see the ...Read more

Bernie Sanders: America's most popular senator

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WASHINGTON -- He may never be president. But Bernie Sanders is America's most popular senator.

The least popular? Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader.

They top the list of most popular and least popular senators in their home states, measured by Morning Consult, a nonpartisan media and survey technology company. It ...Read more

Century-old Oklahoma tribal map is flashpoint in digital debate

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WASHINGTON -- Pioneer George Rainey bounced into Oklahoma aboard a Santa Fe train in 1889 seeking his fortune. He landed a job as a county clerk and published a map of the state, including the vast tracts that once belonged to the Comanche, Cherokee and other tribes.

Today, Rainey's "Historical Map of Oklahoma 1870-1890" is central to a most ...Read more

Paul Ryan asks millennials to give GOP a chance

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WASHINGTON -- Reaching out to a group of voters that has drifted away from his party, House Speaker Paul Ryan asked an audience of college students Wednesday to give Republicans a chance.

"I am going to assume that the thought has not been occurring to most of you recently," Ryan said at the outset of a town hall-style meeting at Georgetown ...Read more

Trump, Clinton tangle over 'woman's card' confronts age-old gender biases

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--The politics of gender roared back into the presidential campaign this week as Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing "the woman's card" to win votes, while his rival Ted Cruz played one of his own by announcing former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina as his running mate even though he's nowhere near securing the ...Read more

Artist offers sign of the times outside Trump Tower in Chicago

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CHICAGO--If you've strolled along Wacker Drive near the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago or Wrigley Field in recent days, then you may have noticed what appeared to be new traffic signs with the curious message: "No Trump Anytime."

The signs, aimed at Republican presidential front-runner, real estate magnate and reality TV star Donald Trump, are...Read more

Six ways Cruz and Fiorina are the same

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WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has a lot in common with his new running mate, former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina -- even beyond knowing what it's like to be on the receiving end of their rival Donald Trump's name-calling.


Their strongly conservative views, for one thing. Cruz is...Read more

Election night scenes mirror political fortunes of 2 Pennsylvania Democrats

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PHILADELPHIA -- Two very different election night parties were thrown Tuesday -- one for a politician on his way back, another for a politician on his way out.

For State Rep. Dwight Evans, it was time for revelry. In an Olney banquet hall, more than 150 supporters wearing campaign T-shirts surged to snap selfies with the man who had just ...Read more

Cruz makes strategic veep pick — Fiorina — but will it work?

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INDIANAPOLIS -- Vice presidents rarely make much difference in modern American politics. Chances are Ted Cruz's decision to put Carly Fiorina on his ticket will follow that pattern.

The Texas senator, badly in need of a boost for a campaign that must win Tuesday's Indiana primary or face near-certain doom, took a page from the playbook of his ...Read more