Republicans fear Trump backlash will flip Senate, narrow hold on House

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WASHINGTON -- Republicans in Congress withstood for months the political turmoil caused by Donald Trump at the top of their ticket, confident of holding their majorities in the House and Senate despite his unconventional candidacy.

For a while it appeared that, with smart campaigns and strong fundraising, their optimism was justified.

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Clinton targets must-win Hispanics to keep Nevada blue

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LAS VEGAS -- Jerry Clyde, a Service Employees International Union member, walked his turf under a remorseless sun, rustling up votes for Hillary Clinton last weekend in one of those instant subdivisions of nearly identical stucco homes.

"It's a responsibility for me," said Clyde, 51, a social worker from Whittier, Calif., who hopes to inspire ...Read more

Trump dogged by persistent weakness in Milwaukee area

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MILWAUKEE -- The political divide in Wisconsin between big and small communities has widened significantly in 2016, and that trend has hobbled Donald Trump's efforts to put this battleground state into play.

It's Trump's "Milwaukee problem."

His strength in Wisconsin's smaller counties, rural areas and blue-collar communities has failed to ...Read more

Clinton and Kaine highlight gender issues, hit Trump at Pa. rally

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PITTSBURGH -- Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine appeared together in a high school gym in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood, the heart of Democratic liberalism in Western Pennsylvania. And they performed like a home team trying to add to a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter.

"When your children and your grandchildren ask what you did in ...Read more

Adult film actress is the latest to accuse Donald Trump of kissing her

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LOS ANGELES -- An adult film star Saturday became the latest woman to step forward and allege that Donald Trump made inappropriate sexual advances toward her.

Jessica Drake, who works for the pornography company Wicked Pictures, said she met Trump 10 years ago while in Lake Tahoe at a golf tournament.

After some flirting during the day, Drake ...Read more

Trump says he'll sue women who said he sexually assaulted them

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. --Donald Trump launched another attempt to fix his floundering campaign Saturday, delivering a speech billed as a closing argument in a hotel ballroom near the battlefield that turned the direction of the Civil War.

Yet, even as Trump praised Abraham Lincoln for uniting the country, Trump laced his Gettysburg speech with ...Read more

Trump says he would block an AT&T acquisition of Time Warner

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. –– Donald Trump said he would block a purchase of Time Warner by AT&T, arguing that such combinations concentrate too much power among too few companies, including ones which have been hostile to his presidential candidacy.

Trump also suggested that he would favor a breakup of NBC and Comcast. Comcast bought NBC Universal in...Read more

California voters returning ballots in big numbers, election officials say

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Eddie Tong of Sacramento carried his pink vote-by-mail ballot into the county elections office Friday, intent on making sure his preference in the country's bruising presidential race showed up in next month's tally.

Tong's ballot will join several hundred thousand mail ballots already cast, as election officials around ...Read more

Trump's brand takes a hit from video, sexual assault claims

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WASHINGTON -- In the tradition of P.T. Barnum, an earlier showman-turned-politician who is credited with saying there's no such thing as bad publicity, Donald Trump may have thought he had nothing to lose in running for president.

Even a defeat might serve to raise his visibility and burnish a name brand that has become his most valuable asset....Read more

Supreme Court ruling makes it harder to monitor US elections

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WASHINGTON -- Next month's presidential election will be the first in more than 50 years that the federal government won't send special observers to monitor elections in states with histories of discriminatory voting practices.

After the Supreme Court's 2013 decision in Shelby County v. Holder weakened a core provision of the Voting Rights Act ...Read more

Clinton makes pitch in Ohio for wavering Trump supporters

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CLEVELAND -- Hillary Clinton is making a direct appeal to voters who may be reconsidering their support of Republican Donald Trump after his tumultuous few weeks in the presidential race, saying she wants to assuage voters who are still wary about backing her instead.

"I know you may still have questions of me," Clinton said during a rally ...Read more

Trump attorneys seek to block testimony from LA Times columnist

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LOS ANGELES -- Attorneys for Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump and Trump University are seeking to block Los Angeles Times consumer columnist David Lazarus from testifying in a class-action fraud case brought by former Trump University students.

In a motion filed Thursday in federal court in San Diego, Trump's attorneys argued ...Read more

Poll: Trump, Clinton are neck and neck in Georgia

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ATLANTA -- The presidential race in Georgia could come down to the wire.

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll released Friday shows Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are deadlocked with less than three weeks until Election Day. Trump is leading Clinton 44 percent to 42 percent among likely Georgia voters, which is within the poll's margin of ...Read more

Clinton's WikiLeaks strategy: doubt, delay, distract

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The emails are full of potential damage for Hillary Clinton. She weighed the political implications of policies. She is close to Wall Street. Her aides gathered information to discredit a woman who'd accused her husband of rape.

So how has she so far remained largely unscathed by the unprecedented release of hacked emails? It's...Read more

'The world hates us,' Trump tells Pa. crowd

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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- In the same arena where the 1977 film "Slap Shot" once satirized the violence of hockey, Republican Donald Trump gave a typically bare-fisted speech, taking on his rivals, the media and President Barack Obama.

"The world hates our president. The world hates us," said Trump before a crowd of at least 4,000 people at the Cambria...Read more

Khizr Khan, father of slain Army captain, appears in Clinton ad

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WASHINGTON -- Among the many striking moments of the presidential campaign was the father of a slain Army soldier speaking out against Donald Trump at the Democratic convention -- and Trump's subsequent attacks on Khizr Kahn's family and its Muslim faith.

Khan appeared Friday in a Hillary Clinton ad in which the grief-stricken parent tells the ...Read more

As election nears, Obama to dive into congressional races

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WASHINGTON -- With the Senate in play and Democrats sensing gains in the House, White House aides say President Barack Obama will get more and more involved in down-ballot races as Election Day nears.

Until Thursday, Obama's public campaign rallies have focused almost exclusively on making the case for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ...Read more

Another prominent Republican, Michael Steele, will not back Donald Trump

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Add Michael Steele to the list.

Steele, the former Republican National Committee chairman, will not vote for Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee.

He made the announcement Thursday at a San Francisco dinner hosted by the liberal-leaning Mother Jones magazine, according to BuzzFeed.

Trump, said Steele, has "captured that racist ...Read more

Trump tries a surprising new tack: confronting the possibility of an election loss

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FLETCHER, N.C. -- Donald Trump looked out at a sea of supporters inside an airy exhibition center Friday and noted the pink "Women for Trump" signs.

He mentioned the size of the crowd, which was smaller than usual but still substantial, and accused the media of failing to tell the truth. "I think we're going to do well with women for Trump."

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Trump tells western NC: 'Your companies won't be leaving NC under a Trump administration'

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FLETCHER, N.C. -- Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told supporters in North Carolina on Friday that he will bring jobs back if he is elected, and said businesses won't move positions abroad.

"Your companies won't be leaving N.C. under a Trump administration," he said. "There will be consequences."

Trump said he has been working ...Read more