Dole lobbied Trump campaign, GOP for Taiwanese leadership

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WASHINGTON -- Former U.S. Senator Bob Dole, acting as a paid lobbyist for Taiwan's government, connected Donald Trump's staff with Taiwanese officials in advance of an unprecedented phone call between the U.S. president-elect and Taiwan's president.

Documents filed by Dole's firm, Alston & Bird, show that Dole, a registered foreign agent for ...Read more

Trump channels Reagan, promising 'peace through strength'

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President-elect Donald Trump vowed Tuesday night to strengthen the U.S. military but limit its use, suggesting a pullback from areas like the Middle East where the country has spent decades trying to broker a peace between warring interests.

"We've spent at last count $6 trillion in the Middle East and our roads have potholes all over, our ...Read more

Trump said to pick Iowa Gov. Branstad as China ambassador

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WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump has offered the post of U.S. ambassador to China to Iowa Gov.Terry Branstad, a longtime friend of Chinese President Xi Jinping, according to three people close to the matter.

Branstad, a Republican, has accepted the offer, said the three people, who asked for anonymity.

The decision comes at a time of...Read more

Son of incoming national security adviser is fired from Trump transition team after promoting fake news

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Michael Flynn Jr. has been let go from President-elect Donald Trump's transition team after spreading online conspiracy theories on Twitter. He is the son of Trump's pick for national security adviser, Gen. Michael Flynn.

"The younger Michael Flynn was helping his father with some administration and scheduling duties early on in the transition ...Read more

Why a US president needs a 'White House on wings'

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WASHINGTON -- Sure, it has plush leather seats, a bed and abundant hot meals served on plates emblazoned with the presidential seal. But there are more critical reasons the president of the United States wants -- and needs -- Air Force One.

The aircraft is equipped to provide instant communications with leaders across the globe, protect against...Read more

Caterpillar CEO likes Trump's business focus, but not anti-trade 'rhetoric'

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While concerned about some of President-elect Donald Trump's "rhetoric" on trade policy, Caterpillar chief executive Doug Oberhelman said Tuesday that he thinks those in the new president's administration "will use every tool they can get" to promote growth.

Oberhelman, the chairman of the Business Roundtable, said he thinks the team of ...Read more

Judge schedules hearing for Green Party's Pennsylvania recount push

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PHILADELPHIA -- The Green Party-backed push for a recount of Pennsylvania's presidential election results will get its day in federal court.

U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond on Tuesday ordered a Friday hearing to consider the party's request for a forensic examination of voting machines used across the state and a statewide recount of paper ...Read more

Trump: Sprint's parent company to invest $50B, create 50,000 jobs in US

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- President-elect Donald Trump said Tuesday that the Tokyo-based parent company of Sprint Corp. has agreed to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 jobs in the United States.

Trump made the remarks standing beside Masayoshi Son, who is chairman of Sprint and CEO of SoftBank Group Corp., which owns more than 80 percent of Sprint...Read more

Trump's newest secretary of state option has close ties to Vladimir Putin

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's secretary of state search has morphed into an extended courtship of former presidential candidates, senators and a general who admitted to spilling classified information.

But the president-elect may buck convention and nominate a private-sector Texan who leads the world's largest private oil and natural gas company...Read more

Michigan AG lashes out at judge who ordered presidential recount

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DETROIT -- Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette lashed out Tuesday at a federal judge who ordered a Michigan presidential recount to start Monday, said he is attempting to join in a federal appeal of the order, and insisted that state courts have the power to stop the recount, because the issue, he said, is one of state law.

Schuette, in a ...Read more

Next for North Carolina Gov. McCrory, who lost re-election bid: A meeting with Trump

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WASHINGTON -- Two days after conceding in the North Carolina gubernatorial race, Republican Gov. Pat McCrory plans to meet with President-elect Donald Trump in New York, Trump's transition team announced Tuesday morning.

Sean Spicer, a Trump spokesman, told reporters McCrory is expected to meet with Trump on Wednesday at Trump Tower but gave no...Read more

Supreme Court says Samsung doesn't owe Apple $400 million in damages for copying iPhone look

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled for Samsung in its patent dispute with Apple and set aside a $400 million damages verdict for copying the look of the iPhone.

The justices dealt only with the question of how much the South Korean firm should pay for copying several design features of Apple's smartphone.

A jury had found that ...Read more

Trump wants the contract to build a new Air Force One canceled, calling the program 'ridiculous'

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WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump took aim at Air Force One on Tuesday, criticizing the cost of the iconic 747 jumbo jet that has served as the president's flying White House and projected America's might wherever it lands.

The aircraft used by President Barack Obama, built by Chicago-based Boeing Co., have been in service since the ...Read more

Trump: Cancel new Air Force One

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WASHINGTON -- President-elect Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday his intent to cancel a Defense Department contract that would provide new Air Force Once planes for future presidents.

Trump cited the rising cost of the Boeing contract in his tweet, and doubled down on his decision later in the lobby of Trump Tower in New York, according to Politico. ...Read more

Supreme Court affirms broad reach of insider-trading laws

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the broad reach of insider-trading laws, affirming the conviction of a Chicago man who got secret stock tips from his brother-in-law in California.

In a unanimous opinion, the justices said that knowingly trading on confidential stock information is a crime, even if the tips came from a family ...Read more

Chicago faces political power outage as Trump succeeds Obama

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CHICAGO -- Chicago is racing the clock.

Nowhere will political power evaporate more dramatically at noon on Jan. 20 than in the third-largest U.S. city, a bastion of Democratic power that's enjoyed special access to Washington during President Barack Obama's eight years in the White House.

When Donald Trump becomes the 45th president, Chicago ...Read more

Orrin Hatch is an unlikely Trump ally

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WASHINGTON -- The most senior Republican in the Senate might seem like an odd ally for a president-elect who wants congressional term limits and advocates "draining the swamp."

But such is the curious case of Orrin G. Hatch, the seven-term Utahan, who serves as Senate president pro tempore and the chairman of the Finance Committee.

Donald ...Read more

Step by step, Trump assembling administration far more conservative than his campaign

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump expressed fondness during the presidential campaign for some of the big federal programs that serve the country's most vulnerable, but whatever warmth he may feel does not seem to be shared by the people he is choosing to run them.

Monday's selection of Ben Carson, the former pediatric neurosurgeon and Republican ...Read more

Nearly 300 Muslim leaders pen letter to Trump calling on him to protect Muslims amid violence

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Leaders of the most prominent Muslim American groups have released an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump to "express serious concerns" about his policy proposals and upcoming administration and ask him to protect their community.

The letter, published Monday at MuslimLetterToTrump.com with 291 signatures, is endorsed by top officials ...Read more

GOP congressional leaders struggle to balance Republican principles in Trump era

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WASHINGTON -- GOP leaders are coming to grips with what's likely to be a complex, at times tortured, relationship with the Trump White House as they balance long-held Republican principles with a desire to avoid direct confrontation with the new president.

Republicans know Donald Trump is no traditional Republican. And privately many ...Read more