Sanders's plan to win over Clinton superdelegates more rhetoric than action

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NEW YORK -- Bernie Sanders' effort to persuade Democratic superdelegates to switch to his side from Hillary Clinton's so far is more a rhetorical flourish than an active campaign.

As Clinton has widened her lead over Sanders in pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses over the past month, the Vermont senator has turned to making a case ...Read more

Trump-Clinton contest could feature New York fight

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It may be completely unrealistic, but Donald Trump wants his fellow New Yorkers to think that he can do something that hasn't been done in 32 years: turn their state red in a presidential election.

Another New Yorker, Hillary Clinton, is almost certain to have something to say about that, if she becomes the Democratic nominee as expected and ...Read more

Trump's campaign upends the science of presidential transition

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's unorthodox campaign is a challenge for people managing the transition to the next president, a process that has been reduced to a near-science in Washington and that in turn will test a candidate known for his throw-out-the-playbook style.

A law signed in March requires the White House to start preparing for a new ...Read more

Big money pours millions into ballot initiative battles

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WASHINGTON -- The year 2016 is shaping up to be a big one for ballot initiatives.

Political groups have already raised more than $125 million so far to get issues directly before voters, a Bloomberg analysis of state campaign finance data shows. That's a 74 percent increase from what was raised for initiatives at the same point in the 2014 ...Read more

Clinton slams Trump's immigration plans, nudges Sanders to exit race in LA stop

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LOS ANGELES--In front of a heavily Latino crowd in East Los Angeles, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton on Thursday castigated Donald Trump for reiterating his controversial plans to deport millions of immigrants after he became the presumptive GOP nominee earlier this week.

"Every election is a choice," she said, noting that Trump "...Read more

Trump's new finance chairman was sued over Madoff fraud profit

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NEW YORK -- Donald Trump's new national finance chairman was sued in 2010 for the return of $3.2 million in fake profit from his mother's account with Bernard Madoff, the mastermind of a $17.5 billion Ponzi scheme.

The lawsuit was dropped last year because of time restrictions imposed on Irving Picard, the trustee seeking to recoup investors' ...Read more

Donald Trump, Paul Ryan jab at each other, deepening fracture in GOP

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan thrust open Thursday the discomfort that many Republicans are feeling about Donald Trump as their presumed presidential nominee, withholding his support and deepening the fracture between the outsider candidate and the party he hopes to lead.

Ryan, the highest-ranking elected Republican, boldly ...Read more

Top aide to Hillary Clinton questioned by FBI in email investigation

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WASHINGTON -- Huma Abedin, a close aide to Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, was questioned last month by FBI agents investigating whether classified material was mishandled on the private email server used by the former secretary of state and her aides, according to a person familiar with the investigation.

Abedin was ...Read more

Mitt Romney joins list of Republicans who plan to sit out RNC convention

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Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, plans to sit out the party's nominating convention this summer -- and he's not alone.

With Donald Trump now the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, a chorus of prominent Republicans--past presidents and nominees alike -- are shunning endorsements and offering similar sentiments about ...Read more

Ryan 'not ready' to support Trump

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said on CNN Thursday that he cannot support or endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump at this time.

"I'm just not ready to do that at this point," Ryan said on CNN's "The Lead with Jake Tapper." "I think he needs to do more to unify this party."

For months, Ryan has insisted ...Read more

Cerebral palsy campaign ad: empowering or exploitive?

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WASHINGTON -- Disability activists are split over New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan's first statewide ad, which features her disabled son.

Hassan, who is locked in a contentious Senate race with Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte, describes how her son's diagnosis with cerebral palsy was one of the main reasons she entered public service.

"Twenty or ...Read more

Apple, Google and Facebook want more from next president

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WASHINGTON -- In an open letter to presidential candidates, 13 tech trade groups representing thousands of companies, including Silicon Valley giants Apple, Facebook and Google, outlined for the first time a technology policy agenda they'd like to see parties adopt, including backing the trans-Pacific trade deal.

Among other things, the letter ...Read more

5 former members of Congress you didn't know were running again

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WASHINGTON -- Democrats Brad Schneider of Illinois, Carol Shea Porter of New Hampshire, and Pete Gallego of Texas lost re-election bids in 2014 in a tough environment. All are running again this year, likely to be a friendlier one for Democrats. The three races are rated "Tossup" by the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call.

But a ...Read more

Big-spending fracking family behind Cruz won't back Trump

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NEW YORK -- Add the conservative Wilks family of Texas, among the biggest spenders in the presidential race so far, to the list of donors who won't support Donald Trump in the general election.

The fracking billionaires plan to sit out the presidential race after their candidate, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race for the Republican ...Read more

After $690 million in spending, GOP has a presidential nominee

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WASHINGTON -- Republican presidential campaigns and outside political groups spent more than $690 million to wage the battle that ended with billionaire developer Donald Trump's emergence as the party's presumptive nominee.

That's a 50 percent increase over the $460 million spent by Republican candidates and outside groups in the 2012 ...Read more

Trump risks core campaign message with fundraising flip-flop

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WASHINGTON -- Throughout the Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump laid waste to a crowded field of rising stars and sitting governors by portraying himself as the only candidate who could shake up Washington, because he was the only one not taking large campaign donations.

"I can actually straighten out the country without having ...Read more

What's a vulnerable Republican to do in the age of Trump?

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WASHINGTON -- Hug him, hate him, pretend he isn't there.

Those are the choices that down-ballot Republican candidates now face with Donald Trump as the last man standing in the Republican primary for president.

Do they run away from Trump, whom the Republican National Committee has declared the presumptive nominee? That strategy risks ...Read more

Analysis: California's role in primary campaign season is muted

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LOS ANGELES -- You can't say it doesn't sting. California's role as the closing prize of the primary campaign season has been sundered by little Indiana, where a sweeping victory handed the title "presumptive Republican nominee" to Donald Trump.

Gone are visions of GOP candidates chowing down at In-N-Out, walking the beach in their oxfords, ...Read more

Bernie Sanders' money tightens as California race looms

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As Bernie Sanders looks toward California to make a defiant final stand, he is bumping up against a dilemma that his campaign has not had to confront in some time.

He is running short on cash.

In no state is money more crucial for a candidate than in California. Its sheer size, in both geography and population, makes running in the state a ...Read more

In LA, Bill Clinton lobs indirect jab at Donald Trump over Muslim ban

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LOS ANGELES -- Former President Bill Clinton, on a swing through Southern California on Wednesday, took an indirect jab at presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, assailing his calls to ban Muslims from entering the country.

"Hillary, more than any other candidate in either party, has vociferously opposed this consistent ...Read more