Trump campaign broke law by soliciting foreign donations, complaint alleges

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WASHINGTON -- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has his own email scandal.

In a complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission, a pair of non-partisan campaign finance watchdogs alleged that the Trump campaign solicited campaign contributions from foreign government officials. Not only is it illegal for a ...Read more

Clinton's private email use said to frustrate top aide Huma Abedin

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WASHINGTON -- A top aide to Hillary Clinton said the former secretary of state's use of a private email server to conduct government business on at least one occasion got in the way of Clinton's work and left the aide frustrated, according to two people who witnessed the aide's deposition Tuesday.

Huma Abedin, Clinton's deputy chief of staff ...Read more

Donald Trump in 2013: 'Leave borders behind and go for global unity'

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump bolted into the Rust Belt on Tuesday to deliver his most full-throated attack on globalization to date, railing against trade pacts and threatening to impose tariffs against countries he said were exploiting open trade policies. But Trump, who also backed Britain's vote last week to withdraw from the European Union, ...Read more

Analysis: Ranking the 2016 presidential primary polls and predictions

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After more than 50 million votes cast in 100-plus nominating contests since early February, the U.S. presidential primary season is over and each major party finally has its presumptive nominee. Now, as the country prepares for the race between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump, and braces for a flood of polling and ...Read more

Ditka surprised to read that he'll be at GOP convention with Trump

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CHICAGO -- A report late Tuesday that Donald Trump is lining up Mike Ditka to make a star appearance at the Republican National Convention came as no surprise to anybody -- except Da Coach himself.

While Ditka, 76, has made no secret of his support for presumptive GOP presidential nominee, and Trump has in the past publicly returned the love, ...Read more

With 'free the delegates' rallying cry, upstarts seek to block Trump nomination in Cleveland

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As Republicans move closer to their convention in Cleveland next month, a growing faction of delegates is campaigning to block Donald Trump from securing the presidential nomination.

The multi-pronged effort -- which includes outreach to individual attendees, national television ads and even a lawsuit -- aims at a long-shot goal. They want to ...Read more

Emerging alliance between Breyer, Kennedy helps move Supreme Court to the left

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court ended its term this week with two liberal victories -- on abortion and affirmative action -- that reflect in part a deepening center-left alliance between Justices Anthony M. Kennedy and Stephen G. Breyer.

Breyer is the most moderate of the court's four Democratic appointees, and Kennedy is easily the most ...Read more

Trump pledges to withdraw from Pacific trade deal, punish China

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MONESSEN, Pa. -- Donald Trump, who has ridden a wave of anti-globalism to capture the GOP nomination, made a series of pledges and threats Tuesday aimed at punishing China and divorcing the U.S. from trade deals he blames for the loss of manufacturing jobs.

The speech, delivered from a Teleprompter at the Alumisource factory in Monessen, was ...Read more

Supreme Court justices start summer chill amid political heat

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WASHINGTON -- Supreme Court justices are setting out for their summer vacation certain of some things -- but clueless about when they'll be back at full strength.

The eight justices know they will return in October for challenges involving Texas death row inmates, North Carolina political districts and high-tech giant Microsoft. On Tuesday, ...Read more

Trump vows to bring back prosperity to American workers

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MONESSEN, Pa. -- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump came to Monessen on Tuesday afternoon, promising not just to make America first, but to make it the last word in prosperity. "America" also appeared in many of the words in between.

American workers, American energy, American prosperity -- all could be re-energized, he ...Read more

Supreme Court to hear case of disabled Michigan girl and her dog

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday said it will consider the case of a 12-year-old Jackson, Mich., girl with cerebral palsy and a goldendoodle named Wonder, deciding whether Ehlena Fry's family can sue for damages from a school district that balked at the service dog's presence in the classroom.

Stacy and Brent Fry brought the case...Read more

'A Child's First Book of Trump' is sporadically funny

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I'm guessing that your first question about this timely Trump satire is will it make a good birthday, hostess or thank-you gift for that hard-to-buy-for liberal in your life?

The short answer is yes, in a pinch. Both author Michael Ian Black and illustrator Marc Rosenthal offer flashes of fun in this satirical picture book for adults, and the ...Read more

Supreme Court ruling is likely to change the landscape of 'abortion desert'

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HOUSTON -- Texas abortion clinics at risk of being closed by a restrictive state law will remain open and some of those shuttered will probably be able to reopen in the wake of a landmark Supreme Court ruling Monday that could block similar laws in other states across the so-called abortion desert of the South and Midwest.

Opponents of abortion...Read more

Rep. Williams, a car dealer who helped car dealers, faces ethics review

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WASHINGTON -- The House Ethics Committee disclosed Monday it is reviewing a complaint against Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas.

Although the panel did not reveal the details, in November the Campaign Legal Center announced it was filing a complaint against Williams, who owns a car dealership outside Fort Worth, accusing him of a conflict of ...Read more

Trump campaign reaches out to pastors after Supreme Court's abortion ruling

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WASHINGTON -- The Trump campaign reached out directly to Christian leaders in the aftermath the Supreme Court's overturning of Texas abortion laws on Monday, while deciding against releasing official statements or social media postings.

Earlier Monday, the campaign engaged its recently appointed Executive Evangelical Advisory Board about the ...Read more

House Ethics Committee extends inquiry into Texas Rep. Williams

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WASHINGTON -- The House Ethics Committee announced it would extend its look into a matter regarding Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas.

"The Committee notes that the mere fact of a referral or an extension, and the mandatory disclosure of such an extension and the name of the subject of the matter, does not itself indicate that any violation has ...Read more

Texas' limits on abortion clinics struck down by Supreme Court

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court struck down a Texas law Monday that was blamed for the closing of 3 out of 4 abortion clinics in the state.

The decision sends a warning shot to other conservative states that cite medical safety issues in applying new restrictions on abortion clinics.

The 5-3 ruling capped the court's term and marked the ...Read more

Supreme Court backs gun curbs in domestic violence case

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WASHINGTON -- The U.S. Supreme Court backed the broad application of a federal law barring firearm possession by people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence, ruling it could be used against two men convicted under a Maine law.

The justices voted 6-2 in the case, which drew attention in February when Justice Clarence Thomas asked questions...Read more

Donor promised to make Clinton 'look good' if he was appointed to intelligence board

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WASHINGTON -- A major Democratic donor personally lobbied then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's office for a seat on a sensitive government intelligence board, telling one of her closest aides that if appointed he would make Clinton "look good."

Rajiv Fernando acknowledged that he may not have had the experience to sit on a board that would...Read more

Wendy Davis celebrated Supreme Court abortion ruling with tears

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AUSTIN, Texas -- Wendy Davis, the former Fort Worth state senator whose nearly 13-hour 2013 filibuster of an anti-abortion law galvanized Democrats across the country, said she burst into tears Monday when she learned that the Supreme Court had struck down Texas abortion regulations.

"There was so much at stake," Davis told the Austin American-...Read more