Harry Reid's latest insult of Donald Trump: He is Republicans' 'Frankenstein monster'

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Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid has had a lot to say about Donald Trump.

He bluntly called the Republican nominee a "racist" ahead of Monday's debate. Last week, it was "scammer in chief," as Trump continued to resist releasing his tax returns. In August, he challenged Trump to take a U.S. citizenship test.

And on Thursday, Reid used a few ...Read more

Sources: White House not heavily involved in CR endgame

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WASHINGTON -- Sources describe President Barack Obama and his top aides as laying down their cards and then walking away from the table before congressional leaders really began seriously negotiating a stopgap spending measure.

Talks on Capitol Hill took a key turn Tuesday afternoon after Senate Democrats blocked a Republican-crafted measure ...Read more

Clinton pumps up early voting in Iowa, where she trails Donald Trump

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Hillary Clinton didn't want to leave anything to chance when she arrived here for a rally on the first day of early voting in Iowa. Her campaign stationed volunteers around her downtown rally to direct members of the audience to nearby polling places to submit their ballots.

"When you finish here, you can go vote," she told ...Read more

Trump broke Cuban embargo, report says

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MIAMI -- Donald Trump's hotel and casino company secretly spent money trying to do business in Cuba in violation of the U.S. trade embargo, Newsweek reported Thursday in a story that could endanger the Republican presidential nominee's Cuban-American support in South Florida.

Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts paid at least $68,000 to a consulting ...Read more

With white supremacists drawn into political mainstream, David Duke declares victory

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KENNER, La. -- David Duke worked the Louisiana gun show like a preacher pursuing souls, cornering potential voters as they picked over firearms and ammo.

The robes are gone and the rhetoric is softer than during his grand wizard days. But Duke has not shed his relentless proselytizing for the white race, even though voters have repeatedly ...Read more

Post-debate poll shows millennials turn toward Clinton

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WASHINGTON -- Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton received a boost among voters under 30 in key battleground states in a poll conducted after Monday's first presidential debate.

A poll released Thursday by Public Policy Polling shows Clinton with a large lead among voters under 30 -- a group she has struggled with -- in Colorado, ...Read more

Disabled students' rights draw Supreme Court scrutiny

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WASHINGTON-- The U.S. Supreme Court will consider how much extra help public schools must provide to students with disabilities, agreeing to hear an appeal from two parents seeking reimbursement for the cost of their autistic son's private school.

The case will mark the first time since 2009 that the court has considered the reach of the ...Read more

Supreme Court to decide if offensive names like 'Redskins' and 'Slants' can be trademarked

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to decide whether the Slants, an Asian American rock band from Portland, Ore., can trademark its name despite the government's objection that it is an offensive term.

This clash between free speech and trademark protection has drawn wide attention in part because the Washington Redskins football ...Read more

As funding government stalled, fundraising for Congress soared

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WASHINGTON -- As members of Congress postured and blamed each other for a budget impasse that threatened to shut down the government, the Charlie Palmer Steak restaurant was a happening place for backroom fundraising.

In separate dining rooms that were just steps from each other, three members of Congress -- two House Democrats from safe ...Read more

Nonvoters in Bloomberg poll reveal Clinton turnout challenge

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CHICAGO -- Political pollsters usually don't tell you about these people: the Americans who aren't planning to vote.

Yet in a close election like this year's presidential race, those who aren't currently planning to vote could matter a lot, if the campaigns can move them from the sidelines to polling places. The latest Bloomberg Politics ...Read more

Washington University touts hidden payoffs of an expensive presidential debate

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ST. LOUIS -- The return on investment on hosting a presidential debate doesn't come in dollar form, despite the steep cost.

Hosting the Oct. 9 event alone costs Washington University $1.9 million. The cost of supplies, security, technology and labor bring the total tab upwards of $5 million.

It's a massive expense and enterprise -- complete ...Read more

Trump wanted less-attractive women fired, employees say

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LOS ANGELES -- Donald Trump wanted only the pretty ones, his employees said.

After the Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes opened for play in 2005, its world-famous owner didn't stop by more than a few times a year to visit the course hugging the coast of the Pacific.

When Trump did visit, the club's managers went on alert. They ...Read more

Supreme Court on verge of historic shift stuck in limbo for now

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WASHINGTON-- The U.S. Supreme Court opens its new term next week in a holding pattern while waiting for a ninth justice. After the next president takes office in January, it may be on the cusp of a historic transformation.

A victory in November for Democrat Hillary Clinton would give the court a majority of Democratic appointees for the first ...Read more

In Trump's world, every step you take could cost more

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GAINESVILLE, Ga. -- Marina Carpenter had just purchased Chinese-made shoes at a Payless ShoeSource in this city northeast of Atlanta when she pondered what would happen if the coming presidential election led to a double-digit price increase.

Like many Americans, she doesn't have lots of extra income and said she'd be forced to cut back if ...Read more

Trump rallies GOP faithful, attacks Clinton in Wisconsin

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WAUKESHA, Wis. -- When it comes to campaigning in Wisconsin, Donald Trump is following the advice of former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson.

Speaking to more than 1,000 supporters gathered Wednesday night at the Waukesha County Expo Center, Trump said that Thompson told him during a previous visit, "Don, I really like you. Get the hell out of ...Read more

The speedy end to the Flint, government funding stalemate

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WASHINGTON -- After weeks of partisan bickering and snail-paced negotiations on a spending package to keep the government funded, it took a failed Senate procedural vote on Tuesday and the prospect of yet more gridlock for the winds to abruptly shift.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's unsuccessful bid to advance a Republican continuing ...Read more

Trump keeps on criticizing Venezuelan beauty queen he once called 'Miss Piggy'

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WAUKESHA, Wis. -- Donald Trump resumed his attack on a beauty pageant winner he had criticized for gaining weight, saying she had "a lot of difficulties" as Miss Universe and that now "a lot of things are coming out about her."

Alicia Machado, who won the beauty contest in 1996, has emerged as a symbol of what critics of the Republican ...Read more

Eyeing narrow margins, Clinton campaign tries to keep voters from going over to third parties

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DURHAM, N.H. -- With polls showing a tightening presidential race, Hillary Clinton's campaign is playing defense against third-party candidates to keep them from widening Donald Trump's path to victory.

Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and the Green Party's Jill Stein are drawing enough support, particularly from millennials, to threaten ...Read more

Trump: 'How many more Clinton scandals can this country take?'

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- Donald Trump ramped up his attacks on Hillary Clinton's integrity Wednesday, saying the former secretary of State "would put the Oval Office up for sale" if she wins the presidency.

"How many more Clinton scandals can this country take?" the Republican presidential nominee asked supporters at a rally of Christian ...Read more

Voters say Clinton won the debate, but impact is still unclear

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WASHINGTON -- More than half a dozen polls show that voters say Hillary Clinton won Monday night's debate against Donald Trump, but it's still too early to know how much impact that will have on the candidates' standings.

The latest evidence comes from an NBC/SurveyMonkey poll that found more than half of likely voters viewed Clinton as the ...Read more