Kasich sets July 21 as date to jump into 2016 presidential race

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to announce his bid for the Republican presidential nomination on July 21 at the Ohio State University student union in Columbus.

The news, first reported by Politico, was confirmed by a source familiar with the governor's plans who was not authorized to speak publicly.

Kasich has been traveling in recent months to ...Read more

Mitch McConnell's productivity bodes well for his legacy

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Even now, at the remove of mere days, the historic nature of last week's events in Washington is clear. Yet to be decided is what role they will play in shaping the legacy of one of the most powerful men in Washington.

That man, of course, is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Yes, it was also a pretty good week for President Barack Obama...Read more

New federal rules to boost overtime pay for millions

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WASHINGTON -- Millions of Americans could see a boost in wages or reduced workload as a result of new federal regulations on overtime pay the Obama administration is unveiling this week.

Under the regulations, private-sector workers who make up to $50,400 a year will be guaranteed the right to earn additional pay if they work more than 40 hours...Read more

Talks on Iran's nuclear program will miss deadline

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VIENNA -- The final round of international negotiations for a nuclear deal with Iran won't finish by Tuesday's deadline, diplomats acknowledged Sunday after weekend meetings.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who met U.S. Secretary of State John F. Kerry four times over the weekend, was to fly to Tehran on Sunday night to talk to ...Read more

As Greece close banks, fear spreads of a eurozone implosion

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LONDON -- As the Greek debt drama hurtles toward a climax, fears are mounting that the outcome could sink not just Greece but the euro and the idea of the European Union itself.

Athens is dangerously close to bankruptcy after days of fruitless negotiations with international lenders over a new bailout package to keep it afloat. On Sunday night,...Read more

Top US Senate candidates run quietly, for now

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The U.S. Senate race in California has been hard to see.

Kamala Harris has been going about her business as attorney general, doing work that occasionally serves a campaign purpose and floating above any fray that might otherwise develop.

Her sole serious opponent in the Democratic Party, U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez of Santa Ana, has been ...Read more

Republican candidates excoriate Supreme Court

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Two landmark rulings –– upholding a key component of President Barack Obama's health care law and legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide –––– have some Republican presidential candidates waging war against the Supreme Court.

"Imperial," former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee called the court. "Radical," said Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas. "...Read more

Bush says stricter gun control laws aren't needed

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HENDERSON, Nev. –– Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush pushed back on Saturday against calls from President Barack Obama and other Democrats for stricter gun control laws after the mass shooting at a Charleston, S.C., church that killed nine parishioners.

Bush , who traveled to this Las Vegas suburb for a campaign appearance, said he does not ...Read more

Iran's motives unclear as talks resume

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VIENNA -- As international negotiators gathered here Saturday for what is supposed to be a final round of nuclear diplomacy with Iran, the hope of achieving a deal hinges on a mystery: What does Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei really want?

An agreement limiting Iran's nuclear program would potentially be the most important ...Read more

Hillary Clinton calls on Republicans to abandon gay-marriage fight

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton, at the end of what she described as "an emotional roller-coaster of a day," called on Republicans running for president to stop opposing the expansion of gay rights and move on to other issues.

"Instead of trying to turn back the clock, they should be joining us in saying, 'No, no to discrimination once and for ...Read more

A GOP conundrum: How does a 2016 candidate play the gay marriage ruling?

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WASHINGTON -- Within minutes of the Supreme Court's decision declaring a constitutional right for same-sex couples to marry, President Barack Obama joined the celebration, calling one of the gay plaintiffs to congratulate him on live television, then going to the Rose Garden to hail Friday's ruling as a moment when "slow, steady effort is ...Read more

Obama embraces race, religion in moving address at Charleston funeral

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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- President Barack Obama challenged the nation Friday to face up to its legacy of racial discrimination, insisting that it would betray the memory of the victims of the black church massacre here to "allow ourselves to slip into a comfortable silence once again."

In a moving address in which he frequently slipped into the ...Read more

With one ruling, Supreme Court saves Obamacare, the GOP and itself

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With its 6-3 decision Thursday upholding the Affordable Care Act's federal subsidies for health insurance buyers in all 50 states, the U.S. Supreme Court wrote an end to the discreditable effort by anti-Obamacare partisans to undermine the law via the lawsuit King vs. Burwell.

Constitutional law experts generally regarded the King challenge as ...Read more

Obamacare ruling again shows Roberts' independent streak

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WASHINGTON -- Since becoming chief justice 10 years ago, John G. Roberts Jr. has been determined to show that the court he leads is made up of impartial jurists, not politicians in robes.

In the phrase he used at his confirmation hearings, each justice is "like an umpire" at a baseball game -- not favoring one team over the other.

On Thursday,...Read more

Charleston mourners line up to pay respects to the Rev. Clementa Pinckney

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CHARLESTON, S.C. -- More than a week after a white gunman fatally shot the Rev. Clementa Pinckney and eight others during Bible study at Charleston's Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, mourners lined up Thursday to pay their respects as the pastor entered the church one last time.

The crowd was hushed as six pallbearers carried his ...Read more

Revelations NSA spied on French presidents called more smoke than fire

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WASHINGTON -- Twice since late 2013, President Barack Obama privately assured French President Francois Hollande that the United States had stopped monitoring his communications.

That perhaps softened the impact of new revelations that the National Security Agency eavesdropped on Hollande and his two predecessors.

Hollande's government went ...Read more

Obama gives transgender heckler the hook: 'You're in my house'

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama usually plays it cool when faced with the occasional heckler, but when one of his own invited guests to the East Room of the White House turned on him at a LGBT pride month event on Wednesday he shut it down fast.

"Hey. Listen. You're in my house," Obama told the lady in the black dress, who was identified ...Read more

Congressman to announce bid for Rubio's Senate seat

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WASHINGTON -- Rep. Jeff Miller, R-Fla., will run for the Sunshine State's open Senate seat, according to a source with knowledge of Miller's plans.

Miller will be the third Republican to officially enter the contest to replace Sen. Marco Rubio, who is vacating the competitive seat to run for president. Miller will be the third member of ...Read more

Senators slam NHTSA on auto safety

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WASHINGTON -- Armed with an inspector general's report, U.S. senators Tuesday morning sharply criticized a federal agency tasked with ensuring the safety of motorists and passengers, with several suggesting its pleas for more money and personnel should be rejected until its internal operations show significant improvement.

Members of the ...Read more

Coal-state lawmakers attack climate rule no matter what pope says

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WASHINGTON -- Pope Francis' call for urgent action to combat climate change isn't having much influence on members of Congress from the coal state of Kentucky, who are working this week to block the centerpiece of the president's agenda to limit the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet.

The House of Representatives is expected as soon ...Read more