Election economics come into focus in countdown to Nov. 8

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WASHINGTON -- As Americans head to the polls to vote early for a new president, researchers have been taking a keener look at the economic side of U.S. politics.

Socioeconomic indicators influence engagement with the political system, a new paper from Germany's ZEW finds. Financial markets have been gyrating in response to election-related ...Read more

The rich get ready for higher taxes under a President Clinton

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NEW YORK-- For wealthy Americans, a big win by Hillary Clinton on Nov. 8 could get pretty expensive.

Clinton is proposing higher taxes on Americans who make more than $250,000, including a 4 percent "fair share surcharge" on incomes of more than $5 million a year. She's also trying to limit the ability of the rich to lower their tax bills ...Read more

Clinton's secret weapon in Florida: New Puerto Rican immigrants

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NEW YORK -- An unusual landmark in the endgame of the 2016 election season occurred last week: the first time in months that Central Floridians could confidently buy a plantain without being hassled about their level of civic engagement.

Throughout the year, their region has been overrun with clipboard-grasping canvassers listening for the ...Read more

The House's fresh face already taking shape

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WASHINGTON -- Those who would revive the moribund term limits movement as a prod against congressional dysfunction, Donald Trump newly among them, might be surprised at this statistic:

Come January, 11 percent of the members of the House of Representatives will be brand new -- at an absolute minimum. They'll be the 46 freshmen who have secured ...Read more

Between 'brutal' and 'Armageddon,' House GOP braces for Election Day losses

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LAKE FOREST, Ill. -- Rep. Bob Dold is doing almost everything he can to inoculate himself against Donald Trump -- and it still might not be enough.

He was one of the first Republicans in the House of Representatives to declare that he wouldn't support or vote for Trump because of the presidential candidate's nationalistic rhetoric and insulting...Read more

No, there is no evidence that noncitizens are illegally voting in large numbers

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WASHINGTON -- As Donald Trump maintains his incendiary attacks on the legitimacy of the election, one of his favorite themes has been the claim that the results will be tainted by the votes of millions of people in the U.S. illegally.

"They are letting people pour into the country so they can go ahead and vote," he said this month, in a meeting...Read more

Trump seizes on Obamacare cost increases to try to boost campaign

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump took dead aim at Obamacare Tuesday, hoping to use news about skyrocketing premiums as a sword to cut into Hillary Clinton's sizable lead in the presidential race and put his Democratic rival on the defensive.

"This election is going to be about Obamacare. It's going to be about jobs," Trump said at a Tuesday morning ...Read more

Clinton campaign details plan to stem opioid epidemic

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PITTSBURGH -- States like Pennsylvania might have to strengthen opioid controls to tap a proposed $10 billion infusion of anti-addiction funding, an adviser to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Tuesday.

Among the strings attached to the proposed funding: States would have to compel doctors to check patients' drug histories ...Read more

Trump tries, once again, to win over Miami Cubans

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MIAMI -- With Florida slipping away from his electoral grasp, Donald Trump devoted much of Tuesday to Miami's Cuban Americans, the reliably Republican voters who have stubbornly resisted this year to lean decisively toward the GOP nominee.

In Little Havana, Trump paid tribute to Bay of Pigs veterans who had honored him with a historic ...Read more

In the year of Trump, Arab-American voters move away from Republican Party

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WASHINGTON -- Once solidly Republican, Arab-Americans have transformed in recent years into a majority-Democratic bloc that will vote overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, a change that carries weight in battleground districts with large Arab-American communities, according to a poll released Tuesday.

"You can say we ...Read more

Reading tea leaves on early presidential voting, here's who's gaining so far

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- The surge of early voting -- which could see one-third of the nation's voters turn out before Election Day -- is giving Hillary Clinton an important boost in swing states.

"All the data we are seeing suggests that Clinton is doing as well, if not better, than Obama in many, if not most, places," said Patrick Murray, director of...Read more

'It's going be a close election,' Clinton tells South Florida crowd

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COCONUT CREEK, Fla. -- With polls suggesting she's pulling ahead of Donald Trump in Florida, Hillary Clinton traveled to South Florida Tuesday and delivered her strongest pitch yet for U.S. Senate candidate Patrick Murphy while urging voters not to grow over-confident.

"It's going to be a close election," she said at Broward College's Coconut ...Read more

4 reasons Trump won't be able to pull off a Brexit-like surprise victory

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WASHINGTON -- As a majority of public polls paint a bleak picture for Donald Trump's path to the White House, he is giving his supporters hope with a single word: Brexit.

The Republican is predicting that a silent majority of supporters not reflected in polls will deliver him a surprise victory, much like the result of the British referendum in...Read more

Trump says he has no interest in launching Trump TV

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Tamping down speculation about what he will do if he loses the election, Donald Trump said Tuesday he has no intention of starting a media empire.

"I have no interest in Trump TV," Trump told an Ohio radio host. "I hear it all over the place, and you know, I have a tremendous fan base. ... But I just don't have any interest in that. I have one ...Read more

Who's bankrolling Murphy and Rubio?

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Florida's Senate race is becoming one of the most expensive in the state's history, with Sen. Marco Rubio raising about $20 million and his Democratic opponent Rep. Patrick Murphy raising about $11 million.

Rubio also had almost twice as much cash on hand as of Sept. 30 according to Federal Election Commission documents, with Murphy having $2.8...Read more

Mushroom cloud reappears in anti-Trump ad from Bill Bradley-backed PAC

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NEW YORK -- Bill Bradley, the former Democratic senator from New Jersey and a long-time vociferous critic of super PACs, has formed just such a group to go after Donald Trump in the final weeks before Election Day with a TV ad that invokes one of the most powerful political attacks in American history.

In September 1964, Lyndon B. Johnson's ...Read more

David Duke to debate at historically black college

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Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard and current Louisiana Senate candidate David Duke will participate in a debate at historically black Dillard University.

Duke qualified by getting 5.1 percent in a poll commissioned by the media company that will carry the debate statewide. Candidates had to draw at least 5 percent to qualify for the Nov. 2 ...Read more

Clinton readies post-election push on highways, corporate taxes

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WASHINGTON -- Hillary Clinton's brightening White House prospects have cleared a path for her to pursue a $275 billion infrastructure plan that would be paid for by corporate tax-law changes, a central part of a broad agenda that has been overshadowed by her attacks on Republican rival Donald Trump.

The rising likelihood of a Clinton presidency...Read more

Against Trump but for GOP Senate candidate

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CAMP HILL, Pa. -- Sharon Sybrandt thinks Donald Trump is "fat," ugly," and a "whack job." But her disgust with the Republican presidential nominee doesn't mean she'll vote against the GOP down ticket -- to the relief of her home-state senator, Patrick J. Toomey.

"I will vote Republican for everyone else entirely to counteract Hillary," said the...Read more

Fact-checking arguments against the Democratic presidential nominee

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WASHINGTON -- The Idaho Statesman endorsed Hillary Clinton last week, and the nod caused a furor among some readers. The McClatchy Washington Bureau selected nine arguments against Clinton from comments on the Stateman's website and fact-checked them. Some of the arguments have been edited for length.

--She (Clinton) ignored 600 imminent ...Read more