Crucial Syria talks begin amid dim hopes and worsening humanitarian crisis

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WASHINGTON -- With dim prospects for success, world powers gathered in Munich on Thursday to find ways to end the bloodletting in Syria and open channels of desperately needed humanitarian aid.

Russia, which is backing the Syrian regime, is proposing a cease-fire to begin March 1. After days of bombing runs that U.S. officials say have killed ...Read more

Investors in huge California wind farm might end up repaying federal subsidies

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WASHINGTON -- A giant wind farm in California's southern San Joaquin Valley is blowing gusts through a faraway federal court, with tens of millions of dollars potentially up in the air.

Some of the wind farm's early investors want more than $200 million in additional subsidies that they say the federal government owes them. Obama administration...Read more

Clinton, Sanders spar over health care, campaign finance in Milwaukee debate

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MILWAUKEE -- Days removed from a humbling defeat in New Hampshire that stirred fresh concern about her candidacy, Hillary Clinton questioned the feasibility of the platform that has fueled Bernie Sanders' unlikely insurgency, challenging her rival during a nationally-televised debate to "level with the American people" about the true cost of his...Read more

Massachusetts police rescue loose dog found on highway

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass. (UPI) -- Police in Massachusetts were able to rescue a loose dog that was found wandering around a local highway.

Methuen Police shared a photo of the large German Shepard that was seen walking in the southbound lanes of Route 495 in Methuen.

Officers attempted to lure the German Shepard off the road but she repeatedly ran ...Read more

Chicago area's Muslim youth fight stereotypes, suspicion

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GLENVIEW, Ill. -- Aasiyah Bhaiji knew the boys in her class were just clowning around, but their words stung just the same. As they headed inside from an ultimate Frisbee game at Springman Middle School in Glenview, Ill., one of them wrapped his team's colors around his head like a turban.

"Are you trying to go Muslim style, terrorist style?" ...Read more

Supreme Court blocks Obama's climate change rules amid legal challenge

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WASHINGTON -- The Supreme Court dealt a surprising setback to President Barack Obama on Tuesday by putting his climate change policy on hold while coal producers and Republican-led states challenge its legality.

The justices, by a 5-4 vote, issued an unusual emergency order that blocks the Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward ...Read more

How Bernie Sanders's supporters would punish Wall Street bankers

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WASHINGTON -- Back during the darkest days of the financial crisis, President Barack Obama summoned the heads of the big Wall Street banks to the White House and told them they had better get their act together. "My administration," Obama said, "is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."

Obama's administration will soon come to an end, ...Read more

Cybersecurity among top goals of Obama's $4.1 trillion budget blueprint

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama unveiled a budget proposal Tuesday that earmarks $19 billion for a wide range of cybersecurity projects, including $3.1 billion to replace out-of-date federal computer systems that are vulnerable to attack.

The investment, a more than 35 percent increase over last year, underscores a long-delayed shift in U....Read more

Plaintiffs say NC's voter map violates the rights of millions

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- North Carolina's latest legal fight over its election map moved closer to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, with a three-judge federal panel expected to reject a state call that its current congressional district lines remain in place for the March 15 primary.

Those same three judges found that the GOP-led legislature relied too ...Read more

Outsiders Trump, Sanders win New Hampshire primary

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NASHUA, N.H. -- Republican Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders won the nation's first presidential primary overwhelmingly Tuesday as rebellious voters sent a strong message demanding dramatic change in Washington.

Sanders, a senator from Vermont, led former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 58 to 40 percent with 23 percent of ...Read more

Obama will seek to double budgets for Wall Street regulators

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama will ask Congress to double funding for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission over the next five years, bolstering two financial regulators that the White House sees as integral to curbing Wall Street excesses.

Obama will propose the increases in the fiscal ...Read more

New Hampshire voters could reshape the presidential race in Tuesday's primary

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MANCHESTER, N.H. -- New Hampshire voters could dramatically reshape the race for president on Tuesday, boosting insurgent candidates who have connected with a discontented electorate or providing a second wind to establishment figures struggling to build support.

New York businessman Donald Trump, whose scorched-earth speeches have captivated ...Read more

Supreme Court to rule on Obama's use of executive authority on immigration

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WASHINGTON--The Supreme Court has often dealt big blows to presidents in their second term.

Harry Truman was rebuked for claiming the power to seize strike-bound steel mills during the Korean War. Richard Nixon resigned shortly after the court ruled unanimously he must turn over the Watergate tapes.

Bill Clinton's impeachment was triggered by ...Read more

Michelle Obama not looking to follow Hillary Clinton's presidential run

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WASHINGTON -- Don't look for Michelle Obama to follow Hillary Clinton's footsteps and make a bid to succeed her husband as president.

"What you talkin' bout, Gayle?" Obama said Sunday, invoking the catchphrase from the TV sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes," when CBS morning anchor Gayle King asked the question during the Super Bowl pregame show.

The ...Read more

Rubio seeks to reassure supporters as Republican rivals renew attacks

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LONDONDERRY, N.H. -- After the worst battering of his campaign, Sen. Marco Rubio worked Sunday to telegraph reassurance while rivals continued their pile-on and tried to shake up the Republican presidential contest in a state known for last-minute shifts of fortune.

Appearing on network television and at a packed town hall meeting in ...Read more

New Hampshire's identity crisis

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BOW, N.H. -- A handmade sign follows Ohio Gov. John Kasich, tallying his time in New Hampshire in red and blue paint. Chris Christie's wife knows the number of questions he's answered at town halls, one of them about bobcats. Before he dropped out, Lindsey Graham followed the model of his good friend and two-time primary winner, John McCain, and...Read more

Syria and Iran warn Saudis against sending troops, who would 'return in wooden boxes'

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BEIRUT -- Syrian officials and their Iranian allies on Saturday warned Saudi Arabia to drop any plans to send troops in support of retreating Syrian rebels facing a potentially shattering defeat in the northern province of Aleppo.

At a news conference in Damascus, Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem declared that any foreign forces ...Read more

Jeb Bush faces test of a lifetime in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire, the state that proclaims "live free or die" as its motto, is do or die for Jeb Bush.

If the former Florida governor doesn't turn in an impressive performance on Tuesday, when the state holds the first presidential primary of 2016, his quest to win the Republican presidential nomination will be toast.

"New Hampshire is very ...Read more

Republicans sounding alarm in New Hampshire

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MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The villages and towns of New Hampshire are as scenic as ever, the people as friendly as can be. The unemployment rate is 3.1 percent, about a third lower than the national rate. It seems an unlikely place for the apocalypse.

Yet that -- or something close to it -- is the threat that pours forth from Republican politicians ...Read more

On unemployment rate, Obama spikes the football

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WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama on Friday took credit for the latest jobs report, saying the 4.9 percent rate shows his stewardship has made the U.S. economy the "strongest and most durable" in the world.

The Labor Department on Friday released data that was a mixed bag for both American workers and the Obama administration. The numbers ...Read more