Those polls showing Donald Trump catching up with Hillary Clinton: Really?

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WASHINGTON -- A raft of polls in recent days has shown a sharply tighter presidential race, with Hillary Clinton's lead over Donald Trump shrinking to just a couple of points. Those polls have generated a lot of questions: Just how reliable is polling this far in advance of an election? What's causing the polls to shift? Can Trump actually win? ...Read more

California poll: Clinton and Sanders in virtual dead heat

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Fueled by independents and younger voters fed up with both parties, Bernie Sanders has clawed his way back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to draw nearly even with Hillary Clinton in California, a new poll finds less than two weeks before the Golden State's primary.

The Vermont senator now trails Clinton 46 percent ...Read more

Veterans tackle a new battlefield: Congress

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WASHINGTON -- In just a few short weeks on Capitol Hill, Majid "Sal" Salahuddin drafted and garnered enough bipartisan support to pass his first piece of legislation.

The measure, which reinstates a reporting requirement for the Department of Veterans Affairs, was adopted as an amendment in the Senate's version of the Military Construction and ...Read more

At a rowdy rally in Anaheim, Trump plays to his base

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ANAHEIM, Calif.--Donald Trump showed no sign of letting up on his harsh immigration rhetoric as he returned to California on Wednesday with a message decidedly out of step with a state that has roundly rejected a hard-line approach to the issue.

"Build that wall!" Trump chanted along with the crowd at the Anaheim Convention Center, playing up ...Read more

Bernie Sanders grows pro-pot during California primary swing

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Bernie Sanders is turning to marijuana to bolster his credentials in California ahead of the crucial Democratic primary there.

The Vermont senator told a rally in beach-front Santa Monica that he would vote yes on an initiative proposed for the November ballot in the state that would legalize the drug. In Riverside, he told more than a thousand...Read more

Trump takes control of Florida away from national political director

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump has stripped decision-making powers from his national political director in Florida, a crucial state for Republicans to win in November in order to capture the White House.

Trump shifted control of Florida away from Rick Wiley, who was hired just six weeks ago to take over the campaign's national political operation, ...Read more

House passes bill stripping District of Columbia of budget control

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WASHINGTON -- House Republicans passed a bill Wednesday that strips the District of Columbia of any autonomy over how it spends its own money.

The measure, which passed 240-179, seeks to overturn a local law passed by D.C. officials and affirmed by voters in a referendum allowing the city to control how it spends money it raises through its ...Read more

House moves on California water bills, but toward what end?

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WASHINGTON -- The House of Representatives passed yet another set of controversial California water provisions Wednesday, sending a political signal and, perhaps, putting pressure on the Senate.

Important differences, though, still split the state, and lawmakers have yet to show they can get out of their respective trenches and resolve them. ...Read more

Trump protesters clash with police in Anaheim; several arrested

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ANAHEIM, Calif.--Supporters and critics of Donald Trump squared off Wednesday in Anaheim as the presidential candidate held a rally, with police making several arrests after some demonstrators threw objects at them.

After Trump departed, a small group of protesters remained in the area and ignore demands by police to leave the area. At least ...Read more

Analysis: Ahead of California primary, Clinton and Sanders have different messages, challenges

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LOS ANGELES -- As the primary season whirls to an end, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are two planets occupying orbits that only occasionally cross.

Both presidential candidates have coursed across California in recent days, pleading with voters to give them the victory each needs in the June 7 Democratic primary. Both warned of challenges ...Read more

Clinton says Trump's words endanger Americans

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BUENA PARK, Calif. -- Hillary Clinton hammered Donald Trump's foreign policy on Wednesday, saying the presumptive GOP presidential nominee's rhetoric endangered Americans, served as a recruiting tool for the Islamic State terrorist group and showed a profound lack of understanding of global affairs.

"Here is where I'm especially concerned about...Read more

Speculation rife over Wasserman Schultz's future as DNC chair

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Rumors of Debbie Wasserman Schultz's death as chair of the Democratic National Committee appear to have been greatly exaggerated. For now.

A party spokesperson made it clear that Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., still had the confidence of the party, despite a report in the congressional newspaper The Hill that quoted two ...Read more

Ryan says no decision yet on Trump endorsement as talks continue

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WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that he has not yet made a decision on whether to endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

"I have not made a decision," the Wisconsin Republican told reporters. "We're still having productive conversations."

He was responding to reports that Ryan had begun telling ...Read more

State Department audit faults Clinton on email security

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WASHINGTON -- The State Department's internal watchdog has concluded that Hillary Clinton clearly broke its rules when using a private email server as secretary of state, saying the practice created a security risk and violated transparency and disclosure policies.

The highly critical report, sent to Capitol Hill on Wednesday, is certain to ...Read more

Workers: Defense bill would undermine labor protections

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WASHINGTON -- The Senate's defense policy bill would undermine a presidential executive order that requires federal contractors to disclose any labor law violations, a provision that prompted federal contract workers to make the rounds in Senate offices Wednesday.

The workers are focusing on Senate Armed Services Committee members, asking the ...Read more

Analysis: Trump's natural Senate buddy? Corker says not so fast

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WASHINGTON -- On the surface, it has strong potential to become a lasting political marriage: Donald Trump and Bob Corker, two rich and loquacious real estate developers who are both relatively new to national prominence and look to benefit from the other's success.

And yet their first date did not go all that swimmingly -- yet another ...Read more

Top Senate Democrat: You want to be president? Show us your tax forms

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WASHINGTON -- In a clear shot at Donald Trump, the top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee wants to force presidential nominees to release their tax returns.

And if candidates like Trump decline to do so? He wants the Internal Revenue Service and federal election officials to do it for them.

"Tax returns deliver honest answers to key ...Read more

Bernie Sanders: Disney is not such a happy place for its workers

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ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Bernie Sanders, darting across Southern California on Tuesday, used Disney, a company renowned for evoking happiness, to rail against a decidedly bleak topic: economic inequality.

The Vermont senator accused the Fortune 500 business of underpaying its employees.

"Anybody make a living wage working for Disney?" Sanders asked ...Read more

'Little House on the Prairie' star ends congressional bid

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Actress Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls Wilder in the TV show "Little House on the Prairie," has dropped her challenge to GOP Rep. Mike Bishop in Michigan's 8th District citing health concerns.

"As many of you know, in 2012 I sustained head and neck injuries from two accidents. While I have received the best treatment and therapy I ...Read more

Trump unveils stable of Republican donors

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WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's road to raising $1 billion for the general election just got a lot smoother.

A group of 20 Republican donors, a who's who of the party's financing apparatus, pledged Tuesday to help bring in cash to fund Trump's run for the White House. The announcement could help quell predictions that Trump wouldn't get enough ...Read more