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WASHINGTON -- Two recent comments by famous feminists have underscored the inevitable and predicted the foregone: The feminist era of Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright has come to a close.

Each heroic in her own way, these three icons of second-wave feminism have reached a pinnacle of sorts, along with the bittersweet ...Read more

Hillary's Golden Tongue

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- As speaking fees go, Hillary Clinton's allegedly scandalous $200,000 per engagement is chump change compared with Donald Trump's $1.5 million.

But, of course Trump wouldn't bother to part his lips for less. It costs at least a million just to wake up in the rarified world he occupies.

So what's the big fuss about ...Read more

Oh, Donnie Boy

WASHINGTON -- If you ask Donald Trump fans what they like about him, there's an excellent chance they'll say, "Because he's not politically correct."

But this is only true if you misunderstand the meaning of political correctness, as Trump himself apparently does.

Popularized in the '90s to mean overcorrection in language and policies to avoid...Read more

Clinton's Cracked Credibility

WASHINGTON -- The first question to Hillary Clinton from an audience member during Monday night's Democratic town hall in Iowa must have been a blow from one so young -- a potential new voter -- this close to the caucuses.

The query came from a fellow who asked what her response is to his friends who say she's dishonest. There was no beating ...Read more

Bonfire of the Vulgarities

WASHINGTON -- At first it seemed too weirdly awful to be true, but there she was: Sarah Palin standing next to Donald Trump last Tuesday and endorsing him for president.

Like previously conjoined twins who had shared a brain before Dr. Ben Carson separated them, these two anti-everything, post-lamestream media instigators presented themselves ...Read more

Daddy Trump is Looking Out for You!

WASHINGTON -- So you say you want a daddy for your president?

OK, so maybe you didn't say it, but on a subliminal level, you may have felt it, especially if you're a Republican primary voter leaning toward Donald Trump.

Such is the finding of a recent national poll unveiled in the current issue of Politico magazine. The survey's author, ...Read more

Nikki Haley's Righteous Gamble

CHARLESTON, S.C. -- By broad consensus, the winner of Thursday night's GOP debate was Donald Trump, followed by Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, with most of the post-game commentary focused on "the fight" between Cruz and Trump.

Oh, how we love a good fight.

But the real fight was revealed a couple of nights earlier when South Carolina Gov. Nikki ...Read more

Jeb Bush: Not Dead Yet

WASHINGTON -- Reports of Jeb Bush's political death may be greatly exaggerated. Not only is Bush essentially locked in a statistical tie for second place in New Hampshire, depending on which poll you prefer, but he's enjoying the benefits of being largely ignored by the media.

The milieu of lowered expectations can sometimes be a gift -- and so...Read more

When Fair Game is a Foul Play

WASHINGTON -- Fair play can sometimes be a raunchy racket.

In the midst of Hillary Clinton's promising presidential bid, a blast from the past blew through the back door and rattled the joints of the political edifice of Clinton. Juanita Broaddrick, the Arkansas woman who has claimed that in 1978 then-state Attorney General Bill Clinton raped ...Read more

Obsessed With Guns

WASHINGTON -- It is axiomatic that congressional Republicans will oppose anything smacking of "gun control," which may as well be read as "Your mama."

Thus, it comes as no surprise that President Obama's announcement of executive actions to clarify and enhance federal gun laws prompted reflexive, hyperbolic responses from the right.

Marco ...Read more

Trump's Embarrassment of Riches

WASHINGTON -- The biggest political news is that Donald Trump may be doing even better than polls have suggested. Yikes.

Apparently, many Trump supporters have been fibbing to pollsters, saying they're for someone else when they really intend to vote for The Donald. And those fudging the most are college-educated voters because, it seems, they'...Read more

Can We Talk?

WASHINGTON -- When President Obama addressed the nation following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, he reiterated the call to resist animus toward Muslims.

This was a familiar message -- the same we had heard from President George W. Bush following the 9/11 attacks. We aren't at war against Islam, both presidents have said, but against ...Read more

Donald Rodham Trump?

WASHINGTON -- Gee, wonder what Hillary Clinton has been up to?

If you haven't heard much about her lately, it's because Clinton news has been as scarce as winter weather on the Eastern seaboard. Did somebody say emails? What ever happened to Benghazi? Is she still even running for president?

You'd almost not know for sure with None Other ...Read more

Women in Combat Put Men at Risk

WASHINGTON -- Crickets. This was the sound of America reacting to news earlier this month that all military positions, including ground combat, will be opened to women.

It is axiomatic that the White House, not just this one, makes controversial announcements when people are otherwise distracted. Usually, this means late Friday afternoons when ...Read more

Waging War Outside the Box

WASHINGTON -- Americans looking for a Snuggy Bear and a blankey to ease their anxieties about the Islamic State will have to become more comfortable with ambiguity and uncertainty.

From President Obama's recent terror speech in the Oval Office to Donald Trump's terrifying, race-baiting, religion-testing rebuke in South Carolina, there is little...Read more

The Few, The Foolish

WASHINGTON -- As the Islamic State amped up attacks around the world, the Pentagon responded by bravely announcing that American women will now be put in direct ground combat.

Whereupon "military intelligence" secured a permanent place in the Encyclopedia of Oxymorons.

The new decree opens 220,000 military jobs to women -- including Army ...Read more

Deranged and Dangerous

WASHINGTON -- Predictably, the killing rampage at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility has prompted a political scrimmage of the usual sort.

From the pro-choice front, we hear that pro-lifers and Republican rhetoric made the killer do it. Or, at least, they created an environment in which a deranged person might become unhinged.

From...Read more

The Pathology of Trump-itis

WASHINGTON -- Surely he's finally gone and done it now.

Donald Trump, insulter extraordinaire, was bound to cross a line too far. Two days before Thanksgiving, he made many people feel nostalgic for the merely obnoxious Trump when he mocked a reporter with a physical disability, displaying a level of cruelty and meanness heretofore only ...Read more

Cry Havoc, Followed by Milk & Cookies

WASHINGTON -- It would be easy to call protesting college students crybabies and brats for pitching hissy fits over hurt feelings, but this likely would lead to such torrents of tearful tribulation that the nation's university system would have to shut down for a prolonged period of grief counseling.

Besides, it would be insensitive.

Instead, ...Read more

Fear and Loathing in America

WASHINGTON -- We shouldn't be surprised that many Americans fear the fresh arrival of Syrian refugees in the wake of last week's Paris slaughter by jihadists, including at least one who appears to have entered Europe posing as a refugee.

It's pretty natural. Horrified by the savagery perpetrated on hundreds of civilians enjoying a Friday night,...Read more

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