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The Media Are Still Looking Down on Working-Class America

CHICAGO -- Long ago in a faraway land called Post-Election East Coast, the major media companies published mea culpas about having overlooked “real people” with economic anxieties not reflected in aggregate national unemployment and GDP numbers. After incorrectly projecting that Hillary Clinton had the presidency in the bag, they vowed...Read more

America Needs to Expand Women’s Access to Affordable Birth Control

CHICAGO -- It looks as though president-elect Donald Trump is getting serious about repealing the Affordable Care Act, which means that the gains women made in access to birth control are as up-in-the-air as the vitriol-inducing requirement to pay a fine for opting to not get health insurance.

But before fretting about what might be taken away,...Read more

Fake News is a Cancer on Education

CHICAGO -- Fake news is on people’s radar like never before, due to speculation about what role it may have played in the past election. And not a moment too soon; the lack of media literacy in this country is becoming an epidemic -- one that, like so many other public health threats, is particularly harmful to children.

Recently, ...Read more

Barrier-Breaking Books That Are Diverse -- But Not About Diversity

CHICAGO -- This is my sixth year highlighting favorite books that are diverse but not about diversity. I get a lot of raised eyebrows and questions about this peculiar genre.

Well, there are a lot of books out there that are diverse and about diversity -- meaning that they are written by an author from a minority group and are ...Read more

The Problem of Hunger Persists in All Corners -- Even in Silicon Valley

CHICAGO -- Thanksgiving is upon us again and Feeding America, the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, estimates that one in seven people in our nation utilizes its network of food banks.

This number applies even in one of the richest places in the world -- Silicon Valley -- where the tech explosion has fueled ...Read more

In this Election, the Media's Latino Coverage Came Up Short

CHICAGO -- My recent, unscientific survey of Latino journalists across the country found a near-unanimous belief that the media failed Hispanics in the run-up to the presidential election.

Their reasons for criticizing the mainstream media (as opposed to Latino-focused English-language media or Spanish-language media) were varied -- from ...Read more

A Spellbinding New Chronicle of Hitler's Rise to Power is Eerily Familiar

CHICAGO -- You wouldn't have expected much from the modest young man who moved to the big city from his backwater country home and ended up in an artsy halfway house peddling hand-painted postcards to pay for his next meal.

He was a late-blooming boy; a congenital late sleeper whose dad thought he was lazy and underachieving (a perception ...Read more

Hispanics Are Sunny About Their Future -- and the Rest of America Should Be, Too

CHICAGO -- If one's perception is, effectively, one's reality, then we can expect life to get better soon. That's because despite the media -- and a certain presidential candidate -- battering us with negativity about demographic change, racial strife and political polarization, America's 55 million Latinos are feeling sunny about the future.

...Read more

No Matter Who Wins, Latino Voters Could Stand to Lose

CHICAGO -- In the two weeks before the election, the dueling narratives about the Latino vote are boiling down to this: The "Trump Effect" will propel more Hispanics than ever before to the polls, or "Don't believe the hype."

There's so much uncertainty about what will happen on Nov. 8 that partisans are basically stuck grasping at anything ...Read more

At Long Last, the Cubs Deliver bliss to Their Eternal Fans

CHICAGO -- Like manna from heaven, a small bit of much-needed joy fell upon Chicago Saturday night as the Cubs secured a trip to the World Series for the first time since 1945.

I wasn't watching the game but knew the moment they won because the pure bliss emanated from Wrigley Field many miles out to me as my neighbors burst from their homes ...Read more

Anger and Resentment Stoked by Trump Will persist After Election Day

CHICAGO -- In its trademark satirical style, The Onion nailed it with its stunningly prescient story titled, "Trump Maps Out Plan For First 100 Days Of Not Conceding Election."

Deliciously, the imagined post-election press release from the floundering Republican presidential candidate detailed: "Within my first 10 days, I will introduce a ...Read more

New Regulations for Teacher-Prep Programs Overlook the Need for More Demanding Admissions Standards

CHICAGO -- After years of negotiations and input from education interest groups, teachers and their unions, the U.S. Department of Education recently released its revised Teacher Preparation Regulations, designed to help ensure that students get the best new teachers possible.

The idea is that if teacher-preparation programs transparently ...Read more

The Immense Value that Immigrants Have Always Brought to America

CHICAGO -- In a year in which immigrants have been dragged through the mud and certain politicians have called on them to be driven from this country, it's ironic (and heartening) that six of this year's Nobel laureates are American immigrants.

Five of them were born in Great Britain, the other in Finland, and all are affiliated with top-tier U...Read more

It's Up to Other Men to Check 'Locker Room Banter'

CHICAGO -- Last weekend, Donald Trump attempted to dismiss his comments about grabbing women by the genitals and kissing or groping them as mere "locker room banter." He implied that boys will be boys behind closed doors and we shouldn't get so worked up about it.

Thankfully, a raft of men took to social media and the opinion sections of online...Read more

Compelling Documentary on Unsung Latino Voting-Rights Advocate

CHICAGO -- Ten years after Mexican-American activist Willie Velasquez died, then-President Bill Clinton awarded him the posthumous honor of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, declaring: "No person in modern America who has run for public office wherever Hispanic Americans live has failed to feel the hand of Willie Velasquez. His appeal to the ...Read more

Don't Paint a Woman's Alcohol Dependency as Entertainment

CHICAGO -- Ever get the feeling that women are collectively crying out for help but no one is listening?

Scan the landscape of entertainment aimed at women and you'll find a theme: alcohol dependency.

Some of it is portrayed as fun -- there is a whole craft industry dedicated to "Wine O'Clock" and #WineWednesday home decor, and celebrities ...Read more

The Silliness That is Hispanic Heritage Month Cannot End Soon Enough

CHICAGO -- Thank goodness Hispanic Heritage Month is almost over. I'm not a fan, because who wants to be paid lip service for 30 days? And it's not even a proper full month, but the latter half of September and the early part of October.

Sure, several mid-September days mark the anniversaries of the independence of multiple Latin American ...Read more

Could a New Shift in Education Policy Help iImmigrant Students Master Both English and Their Home Language?

CHICAGO -- Years ago, Stanford professor Guadalupe Valdes observed that many students from immigrant families often become trapped in dysfunctional English as a Second Language programs and rarely find their way out.

"In the current context in which anti-immigrant sentiment is at an all-time high, newly arrived children are routinely accused by...Read more

If the Latino Vote Keeps Being Taken for Granted, the Sleeping Giant Will Never Wake

CHICAGO -- News stories are starting to trickle out citing "deep concern" about whether Hispanics -- who, polls show, prefer Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump -- will head to polls in the numbers the Democrats need in order to win.

But a better question is: Why should Latinos be expected to turn out to vote when so little attention is paid to ...Read more

Our Nation is in Desperate Need of a History and Civics Revival

CHICAGO -- In our internet-connected world where cute is king and issues of substance tend to be discussed only if there's a catchy meme to share, people are far likelier to know that Sept. 17 was National Apple Dumpling Day than that it marked the beginning of Constitution Week.

Pity the starry-eyed individual who wrote the official ...Read more

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