Who of the Candidates Has Fairest Tax Plan of All?

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Lawrence Kudlow is off this week. The following is a column by Stephen Moore.

With the first real votes being cast in the presidential race Monday, this is an opportune moment to do some last-minute comparison shopping on the candidates' tax reform plans. On this issue there's a lot to cheer about. All the Republican candidates have ...Read more

The Fed Freaks Out About the Markets -- Because It's Misreading the Situation

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Early in the new year, on Sunday, Jan. 3, Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer delivered a hawkish speech to the American Economic Association. Completely misreading the economy, which is woefully weak while inflation is virtually nil, Fischer strongly hinted that the Fed would be raising its target rate by a quarter of a percent ...Read more

We Will Never Destroy ISIS Without a Full-Blown Declaration of War

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Speaker Paul Ryan's statesmanship may just get the job done.

The speed of the news cycle and the media obsession with the presidential horseraces have crowded out a crucial development in the war on ISIS and related Islamic jihadist groups.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has been appealing to colleagues for a new Authorization for Use of Military ...Read more

Taxes Chased GE Out of Connecticut

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

But a big dose of free-market optimism can save the once great state.

GE's decision to leave Fairfield for Boston is another sad marker in the downhill slide brought about by Connecticut's high-tax, high-regulation, anti-business policies of the last 25 years.

Gov. Dannel Malloy accelerated the state's economic free-fall with another huge ...Read more

The Fed Should Let Middle-Class Workers Prosper

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

The Dow Jones lost over 1,000 points this week. It's down 9 percent over the past year. The broader S&P 500 also got clobbered, and is down 7 percent in the past year.

What's going on? Is the world coming to an end? Is it 2008 all over again? Will the U.S. import recession from a falling Chinese yuan? Are hard-working middle-class wage ...Read more

Show Me the War That Will End ISIS Money

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

We know the ways and means to destroy the Islamic State. But we're not doing it.

By all accounts, ISIS is the wealthiest terrorist organization in the world. By far. In round numbers, ISIS is said to have a $2 billion stash, which is keeping it afloat. Most of it comes from oil sales. Much of it comes from plundered banking funds. And the ...Read more

I've Changed. This Is War. Seal the Borders. Stop the Visas

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

I know this is not my usual position. But this is a war. Therefore, I have come to believe there should be no immigration or visa waivers until the U.S. adopts a completely new system to stop radical Islamic terrorists from entering the country. This calls for a wartime lockdown and a big change in my thinking.

ISIS and related Islamic ...Read more

Will Janet Yellen Sabotage Hillary Clinton?

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

A 211,000 jobs increase for November will finally push the Fed over the line and into a quarter-of-a-point rate hike later this month. The question is, how much and how fast will the central bank raise its target rates?

My advice to Janet Yellen is to move at the pace of an injured snail. But Yellen is determined to start "normalizing" policy...Read more

If We Want to Destroy ISIS, We Can Destroy ISIS

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

Let's say it loud and often. If we want to destroy ISIS, we can destroy ISIS. Perhaps I am stating the obvious, but I want to state it anyway. Why? Because I am not hearing it enough.

I'm certainly not hearing it from the White House, where the original goal of destruction is barely mentioned now. President Obama is listless. He's also ...Read more

GOP Not Yet There on Growth

Politics / Lawrence Kudlow /

The singular economic issue of our time is the quest for more rapid economic growth. In the past century the American economy grew at roughly 3.5 percent per year. That included huge booms and even worse busts, such as the Great Depression.

But over the past 15 years that growth has slumped to roughly 2 percent per annum. This has put average ...Read more


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