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Hollywood Lefties Ponder America's Hatred of Muslims

On Dec. 4, the second Sunday of Advent on the Christian calendar, Fox's "Family Guy" mocked two-thirds of the Holy Trinity as only Fox can. In atheist Seth MacFarlane's gag, Jesus Christ had a human son who he mocked for being bullied at school, comparing that to the horror of the Crucifixion. When his son called him a "dick," he suggested that ...Read more

Looney Left Only Believes in Censorship

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg is under enormous pressure from the left to crack down on the "fake news" circulating on the social-media giant. He is well-advised to run as far as he can from the News Police.

In a recent note on Facebook, Zuckerberg claimed he wanted to err "on the side of letting people share what they want whenever possible. ....Read more

Liberal Media Worships at the Altar of 'The Daily Show'

Liberals in the press have spent weeks trashing "fake news" purveyors -- which is to say, those in the press who are not liberals -- while continuing to bow deeply to the fake newsmakers at "The Daily Show" on Comedy Central. Jon Stewart and New York Magazine writer Chris Smith have written a new book called "The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral ...Read more

Still Honoring Castro and His Debacle

One of the world's last brutal communist dictators, Cuba's Fidel Castro, died last week at the age of 90. While Cuban exiles celebrated long into the night, on America's "objective" networks, they pulled out hankies and mourned this despot's filthy works and celebrated the hellhole he made.

ABC's Jim Avila made the Founding Fathers roll over ...Read more

The Hilarious 'Hamilton' Hubbub

Vice President-elect Mike Pence was in New York during the transition, and he took his family to Broadway to see "Hamilton," the hot hip-hop Founding Fathers musical that people are overpaying to see. What resulted wasn't exactly surprising -- rude and obnoxious, but not surprising.

Pence entered the Richard Rodgers Theatre to both cheers and ...Read more

Memo to the President-Elect: Stop Tweeting!

Dear Mr. President-elect,

Everyone else is giving you advice, so why can't we? (Then again, the last time you asked for our advice, we told you over lunch that winning was not in the cards, so you might be hitting the delete button before this sentence is complete.)

But here it comes. Five thoughts.

1. Relax. This campaign's over. It was ...Read more

The Cracked Crystal Ball of Liberal Celebrities

Before the shock of President Donald Trump wears off, let's remember to tip our hats to Tinseltown. What would we do without it? The self-absorbed Beautiful People of the town called on America to become as enlightened as they by supporting Hillary Clinton. They proudly donned their "I'm With Her" buttons.

Now, like their candidate, they are ...Read more

Liberal '60 Minutes' Unfairly Grills the New President

Donald Trump is a persistent critic of the media and is attacked for not granting them enough access. But three days after the election, there he was, the president-elect, recording a long interview with Lesley Stahl of CBS' "60 Minutes," whom he could expect to push, push, push from the left.

Stahl presented him as a terror for minorities: "I ...Read more

Liberal Hollywood Elites Crying Over President Trump

The election has passed, and the American people gave the spoiled celebrities of Hollywood the heave-ho. Despite all of their earnest YouTube lectures and pro-Hillary Clinton concerts and campaign appearances, the next president is Donald Trump.

Little did they realize that John Q. Public is done with these multi-multimillionaires positing ...Read more

Arrogant Liberal Fact Checkers and Their Plain Old Dishonesty

CNN's Brian Stelter sent around an Election Day email declaring "This is the year of the fact-checker." He joked, "Trump made fact-checking great again."

"It's really remarkable to see how big news operations have come around to challenging false and deceitful claims directly. It's about time," said Brooks Jackson, the director emeritus of ...Read more

Blackout Exposes Corrupt Liberal Media

While most of America was transfixed by Game 7 of the World Series, Fox News Channel was doggedly pursuing a new story: The FBI's probe into pay-for-play schemes at the Clinton Foundation and the State Department has been far more expansive than anyone reported so far and has been going on for more than a year. FBI sources even warned there ...Read more

CNN's Treatment of Brazile Evidence of Liberal Media's Leftist Bias

Rush Limbaugh found just the right analogy for the CNN cheating scandal, where (now) former CNN analyst Donna Brazile fed "town hall" questions to Hillary Clinton. It's the quiz-show scandal of the 1950s, where Charles Van Doren was given the questions on the NBC game show "Twenty-One" in advance and looked like a genius on national television. ...Read more

Liberals Mad When Celebrities Don't Endorse Liberal Candidates

The liberals at Esquire magazine asked a question almost no one else is asking in the last weeks of this campaign: "Why Are Influential Celebrities Remaining Silent This Election?" As if anyone is thirsting for more political utterances from people who are best known for their acting or singing or joking.

Esquire's Mark Miller was overtaken by ...Read more

How Hillary Pandered to an Adoring Liberal Media

The WikiLeaks email trove is revealing more than the servility of "objective" reporters trying to please Hillary Clinton and her aides. It's revealing the press strategy of Clinton and her aides -- how they seek to praise reporters, even as they arrogantly stonewall them.

One internal campaign email exchange is salient. It discusses Clinton ...Read more

The Liberal Media is Too Mean to Trump

Attention readers: Mr. Bozell uses harsh language throughout this column that may be offensive to some. Thank you for your attention."

In the aftermath of the final presidential debate, some pundits were struck dead that Donald Trump would be so rude as to describe Hillary Clinton as a "nasty woman." Would you like a lesson in the ...Read more

Trump's Right: The Liberal Media Is Rigged Against Him

On Oct. 16 on his CNN show "Reliable Sources," host Brian Stelter took the denial of liberal media bias to a new level. In the wake of hundreds of emails underlining media-Democrat collusion, he insisted that every American should deny the evidence:

"In Trump's world, journalists are really just (Hillary) Clinton campaign workers in disguise, ...Read more

The Liberal Media-Clinton Collusion is Finally Exposed

We once scoffed at the suggestion there was some form of a liberal media conspiracy against conservatives. Do liberals meet for breakfast and plan attacks on their ideological foes? Of course not, we'd answer. It's not a conspiracy. It's a mindset wherein what is liberal is good, and what is conservative is in opposition to what is good.

...Read more

Don't Pay Attention to Trump's Assault Comments, Bill's Much Worse!

In the election cycle dominated by Donald Trump, it should not be much of a shock that the first October Surprise came from "Access Hollywood." In a 2005 outtake, Trump told then-"Access" co-host Billy Bush how he could rudely grab women's genitals and get away with it because "when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."

They ...Read more

Liberal Media Mangles Trump Talk on Veterans

Staff Sgt. Chad Robichaux is a Marine who developed post-traumatic stress disorder in the aftermath of eight tours in Afghanistan. After years of suffering, he now runs a counseling program dedicated to helping veterans avoid suicide, divorce and other attendant problems. He knows from his own experience that a faith-based approach works. Our ...Read more

Trump's Taxes Irrelevant; What About Benghazi or Hillary's Emails?

On Oct. 2, The New York Times published an admittedly "fragmentary" front-page story about Donald Trump's taxes. Just three pages were cited: the first page of the state tax returns Trump filed in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut in 1995.

The Times reported that Trump claimed a $916 million loss, which could -- emphasis on "could" -- have ...Read more

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