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Why Surprise Attacks and Massive Bombing Won't Defeat Islamic State

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The battle for Mosul will soon demonstrate that the key to success is not that Washington should have surprised the Islamic State or "bombed the hell" out of it. Around 100,000 coalition forces are involved in helping liberate the city, backed by formidable American air power. They will face up to 5,000 Islamic State fighters. The ...Read more

The End of the Republican Party

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Politics is an enduring feature of human life, but political parties are mortal. This week we watched the beginning of the end of one of America's great, illustrious parties. The Republican Party, as we knew it, is dying.

The death of a party is not so unusual. Scholars divide American history into six distinct party systems, each ...Read more

Trump's Exposes the Corruption of the U.S. Tax Code

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Donald Trump has done America a great public service. No, really. By taking advantage of the country's tax laws in such spectacular fashion, he has shone a spotlight on the corruption that is at the heart of American politics -- the tax code.

When most people discuss taxes, they tend to talk about it in left-right terms. The right ...Read more

Can Republicans Be Rational, Not Tribal?

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump is a strange standard-bearer for Republicans. He espouses few of the party's traditional positions and disavows most of its icons. Almost every important conservative publication -- National Review, The Weekly Standard, Commentary -- opposes him, as do most leading conservative pundits, from George Will to David Brooks...Read more

The Center Can Still Hold

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- It's the annual gathering of world leaders in New York this week, and for most of them, it's time for group therapy. Around the globe, leaders of all stripes seem afflicted with the same malady: low approval ratings. Morgan Stanley's Ruchir Sharma has pointed out that the median approval rating for the leaders of the top 20 emerging ...Read more

Why We Are All Deplorables Now

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Whether you put them in a basket or not, the question of this election is -- who are Donald Trump's supporters? One way to answer is to widen its scope beyond the United States. Trump is part of a broad populist trend running across the Western world. Over the last few decades, we have seen the rise of populism -- both left- and ...Read more

How to Win the War on Terror

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, I was driving on the Long Island Expressway, heading out to a friend's house to spend a few weeks working on a book. An hour into my drive, I switched from music to news and listened with horror to reports that two large passenger planes had crashed into the World Trade Center. I turned around ...Read more

Barack Obama -- The Last Man Standing

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

As we are all consumed with the ups and downs on this bizarre campaign, President Barack Obama will make his last trip to Asia. The direct purpose of his trip to China is to attend a meeting of the G-20, but it is perhaps more importantly to breathe life into one of his big ideas -- the pivot to Asia. It is a genuinely important policy, but ...Read more

The World as Revealed by the Olympics

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- The Olympics are over and the verdict is in -- America won. The United States left Rio with the most gold, silver and bronze medals. The last time a single nation topped all three categories was 40 years ago (except for boycotted games in 1980 and 1984). America's lead over the second-place finisher was 51 medals,Â...Read more

Trump and the Politics of Cultural Despair

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- For some of us, the puzzle of this election is not why Donald Trump is doing so badly but why he is doing so well. Given his obvious lack of qualifications, his absurd proposals, his hypocrisy, his obnoxious rhetoric, his sheer incompetence as a candidate, why is he not down 10 points in every state?

In other words, who are Trump's ...Read more

My Dreams for a Different Republican Party

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- In recent days, I have had a dream: that America has a real Republican Party, a party offering a serious right-of-center alternative to the Democrats. Such a contest of ideas would improve the public debate and offer Americans a real choice, not the cartoon campaign we have today.

Donald Trump had the opportunity to reset his ...Read more

Trump and the Art of B.S.

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- A few days ago, I was asked on CNN to make sense of one more case in which Donald Trump had said something demonstrably false and then explained it away with a caustic tweet and an indignant interview. I replied that there was a pattern here and a term for a person who did this kind of thing: a "bullshit artist." I got cheers and ...Read more

The Democrats' Big Bet

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- I came to America in 1982, attracted to the country and interested in its politics. Those were days of economic trauma (a deep recession) and national security fears. And I came from India, where the conventional wisdom was quasi-socialist and anti-American. Still, I found myself fascinated by Ronald Reagan and his Republican Party. ...Read more

America as a Banana Republic

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Over the years, I have watched campaigns in third world countries in which one candidate accuses the other of being a criminal, sometimes even threatening to jail his opponent once elected. But I cannot recall this happening in any Western democracy until this week. The Republican convention has been colorful and chaotic, but above ...Read more

Obama's Whac-A-Mole strategy

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- It has become conventional wisdom to note that Barack Obama has failed in his efforts to extricate America from military conflicts in the Middle East. Having promised to end these wars, he has in the last year expanded American interventions in Iraq, Syria and other countries. The troop drawdown in Afghanistan has slowed to a trickle...Read more

Politics of the Future: Be Open and Armed

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

WASHINGTON -- If Tony Blair is remembered in history only for his support of the Iraq War, that will be a tragedy. The former British prime minister was one of his generation's most important political leaders, bringing the left out of the wilderness and reshaping it for the post-Cold War world. He remains remarkably prescient about politics. ...Read more

Trump Has Found an Obvious Vice President

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- Republican leaders like House Speaker Paul Ryan have explained that their core rationale in supporting Donald Trump is that only he can ensure the success of conservative, free market ideas. The alternative, Ryan notes, is Hillary Clinton, who would simply continue Barack Obama's policies. One wonders how Ryan will continue to ...Read more


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