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U.S. Plays Islamic State Whack-a-Mole

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- In the beginning there was Operation Overlord. Then came Operation Rolling Thunder, Operation Desert Storm and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Now the fight against the Islamic State has introduced a new concept into modern warfare. Call it Operation Whack-a-Mole.

"If we try to do everything ourselves all across the Middle East, all ...Read more

Clinton and Obama on Wrong Side of (Recent) History

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Scenes from an insurrection:

In Madison, Wisconsin, Wednesday, 10,000 people show up to rally for longshot presidential candidate Bernie Sanders -- giving the self-declared "democratic socialist" the largest crowd any candidate has had so far this election cycle. Sanders, running on a shoestring and a prayer, has closed to within ...Read more

Obama, With Momentum

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- "This," President Obama said in the Rose Garden on Wednesday as he announced the restoration of diplomatic relations with Cuba, "is what change looks like."

This echo of his 2008 campaign theme was self-congratulatory but deserved, coming at a time of unexpected hope late in his presidency. In the space of just over a week, Obama'...Read more

Liberal is No Longer a Dirty Word

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Since the 1988 presidential campaign, when George H.W. Bush and Lee Atwater turned "Massachusetts liberal" into an epithet, the label has been tainted -- so much so that many liberals abandoned it for "progressive."

But new polling shows a significant increase in the number of Americans who describe themselves as liberal and the ...Read more

Congress: Talking Loud, Doing Nothing

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- This is what it's like inside a vacuum:

A half-dozen members of Congress and perhaps twice as many staffers sit, quietly, on the floor of the House. Two reporters sit in the press gallery, and a few dozen tourists, mostly in shorts and T-shirts, fidget in the public gallery. Every few minutes, a police radio is heard as the ...Read more

Donald Trump: The Art of Himself

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- "I'm really rich," Donald Trump informed supporters at his presidential campaign announcement.

"I'm proud of my net worth. I've done an amazing job."

"I'm really proud of my success. I really am."

"I have the best [golf] courses in the world ... I have one right next to the White House."

"One of the big banks came to me and ...Read more

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- If Jeb Bush is going to run for president as something other than a Bush, it will take a transformation worthy of Rachel Dolezal.

And yet the former Florida governor, who once accidentally checked "Hispanic" on a voter registration form, is doing everything but change his appearance to de-emphasize his inheritance. His ...Read more

Anti-Abortion Advocates' Faulty Logic

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Thursday -- the very day the bachelor senator was dubbed a "bro with no ho" by his fellow Senate Republican Mark Kirk of Illinois -- proclaimed himself to be "on the right side of history."

It ain't so, Bro.

What led Graham to believe himself on history's side was his introduction of ...Read more

The Kindergarten Congress

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Things clearly had gotten off on the wrong foot.

Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, wanted to know whether President Obama is going to work with Congress to rewrite health care law if the Supreme Court strikes down Obamacare -- "or is he going to put concrete around his ankles and say, 'It's my...Read more

Obama's Health Care Dare

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- President Obama uttered more than 3,600 words on the stage of a hotel ballroom on Tuesday, but his message could be summed up in three: You wouldn't dare.

He was speaking not to the hundreds of hospital administrators assembled for the Catholic Health Association's conference but to five men not there: the conservative justices of...Read more

A Noble Calling With a Deadly Risk

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Washington's Newseum on Monday inducted the newest members into a club that none of us would want to join: journalists who died covering the news around the world.

The Class of 2014 in the museum's Journalists Memorial includes my Washington Post colleague Michel du Cille, who died of an apparent heart attack while photographing ...Read more

Clinton the Inauthentic

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Sean Duffy, a Wisconsin Republican who was a reality TV star before entering politics, is unlikely to be listed in any Smartest Member of Congress rankings. Yet even he finds it easy to uncover scandal at the Clinton Foundation.

At a House hearing last week, Duffy was in high dudgeon, discussing ties between Hillary Clinton ...Read more

GOP Finds a Scapegoat in Ex-Im Bank

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Here's a case study in rapid radicalization.

Just three years ago, the House voted overwhelmingly to extend the charter of the Export-Import Bank and to expand its business of loaning money to boost American exports. Among Republicans, 147 voted yes and 93 voted no.

Nothing much has changed since then. The Export-Import Bank ...Read more

Holding Congress Hostage to Personal Ambition

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Mike Lee of Utah is part of a vanishing breed -- Republican senators who are NOT running for president -- and in this role he rose on the Senate floor Tuesday morning pleading for his ambitious colleagues to stop embarrassing the party.

"The American people deserve better than this," he said, after an intra-party squabble between ...Read more

Republicans, Out of Tune Again

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- The press release went out last week:

"Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, will participate in a panel discussion luncheon in celebration of Black Music Month on Monday, June 1st, in Washington, D.C."

The event was called "A Republican Salute to Black Music Month" and, according to organizer Raynard ...Read more

Why Woo the Duggars?

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Why did Republicans embrace the Duggars in the first place?

Rick Santorum no longer digs the Duggars.

Back in 2012, I watched the Republican presidential candidate campaign in Iowa alongside Jim Bob Duggar and several of his many children -- the celebrity Christian family behind the hit TLC series "19 Kids and Counting" -- en ...Read more

Charlatan Ted Cruz' s Foreign Policy Views Shift With Opinion Polls

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- As he prepared for his presidential run over the last year or so, a hawkish Sen. Ted Cruz has said U.S. policy in the Middle East and elsewhere is a mess because of President Obama's weakness -- particularly his failure to enforce his own "red line" after the Syrian regime used chemical weapons.

"A critical reason for [Vladimir] ...Read more

The Decline of Rand Paul

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Rand Paul took a left turn on his journey to the Republican nomination, and now his hopes seem to be headed south.

The libertarian Kentucky senator's new book, "Taking a Stand," came out Tuesday, and it is chock-full of lines that would position Paul well -- if he were running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination....Read more

My Return to Organized Labor

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- I am proud to be a card carrying member of Local 32035 of the Communications Workers of America.

It was not always thus. The Washington Post is an open shop, and I dropped my membership several years ago when the union was encouraging readers to cancel their subscriptions to protest some management action. I didn't see much sense ...Read more

Hillary Clinton's Hypocrisy

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- In a private meeting last week with 200 of the Democratic Party's top financiers, Hillary Clinton drew vigorous applause when she said any of her nominees to the Supreme Court would have to share her desire to overturn the Citizens United decision.

Clinton also, as reported by my Washington Post colleagues Matea Gold and Anne ...Read more

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