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Conservative Coup Creates Chaos

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- The chaos on Capitol Hill would be entertaining if the consequences weren't so serious.

The speaker of the House is second in line to the presidency and since the founding of the Republic, the position has been one of the most important in government, key to national security and domestic tranquility.

Now a band of about three ...Read more

Conservative Politburo Control of The House

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- You think John Boehner had a rocky time as speaker of the House? Just wait until you see how his successor fares this fall -- if House Republicans can even find a successor.

The same conservatives who badgered Boehner into retirement wasted no time in ousting his hand-picked successor, Kevin McCarthy.

Conservatives had been ...Read more

Joe Biden's Never-Ending Delay

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Finally, it can be reported: Joe Biden is running for president, unless he isn't. He will announce his decision this weekend, unless he doesn't.

Furthermore, Biden is approaching important deadlines for declaring his candidacy, unless those deadlines don't matter. His advisers really want him to run, except those who don't, and he...Read more

Sen. Warren On The Hunt Again

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Warren, collector of corporate hides, is on the hunt again.

Fresh from her triumph Tuesday over the Brookings Institution in which she forced the ouster of a corporate-backed scholar, the populist Democratic senator from Massachusetts was at Lutheran Church of the Reformation on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon, firing ...Read more

Rep. McCarthy's Battle with English

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Kevin McCarthy is about to ascend to the highest office in the House of Representatives and become second in line to the presidency.

But there is a problem: The speaker-apparent apparently still can't speak.

I have been tracking the California Republican's valiant but often unsuccessful struggles with the English language for ...Read more

Lawmakers Unite, Briefly

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Members of Congress were on their best behavior for Pope Francis's visit, which is not to say they were on good behavior.

Congressional leaders went to great lengths to avoid embarrassment at Thursday's address: They stationed responsible lawmakers on the center aisle so that glad-handing back-benchers didn't attempt selfies with ...Read more

Fiorina is CNN-Created Flavor of the Week

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Sorry, Carly. You're peaking too early. Just ask President Herman Cain.

This week's CNN poll shows Carly Fiorina, the former business executive, rocketing to the top tier of the Republican presidential race. She has 15 percent support, up from just 3 percent weeks earlier. Meantime, the previously unassailable front-runner, Donald...Read more

It's Up to Voters to Repudiate Bigotry

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- We have a problem in this country -- it's called Donald Trump and Ben Carson. But fortunately we have a solution -- it's called voters.

Last Thursday, Trump, still the leader in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, didn't quarrel with a questioner at his rally who called President Obama a Muslim, suggested there ...Read more

Is Trump Bubble About to Burst?

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

Could this be the beginning of the end of Donald Trump?

This week's debates capped several days in which the candidates for the Republican presidential nomination have fundamentally changed their tone toward the nominal front-runner. They are, at long last, treating him like the huckster he is.

Scott Walker, who cited Trump entities' ...Read more

The Candidate Left in the Cold

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Sixteen candidates remain in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. Fifteen of them were invited to Wednesday night's debates.

And then there was Jim Gilmore.

"I'm very disappointed," the former Virginia governor told me when I reached him on Wednesday. He paused, as if reflecting on his word choice. "Uh, actually, ...Read more

How to Handle Trump's Bullying

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Republican candidates ahead of their second debate are flummoxed about how to deal with the perpetual insult machine that is Donald Trump: Most ignore him in hopes he will go away, while a few lash out at him. Yet he keeps rising in the polls.

Of course he does -- because his opponents are following the wrong script. They treat ...Read more

Clinton Campaign Puts the 'Moron' into Oxymoron

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages: Step right up and witness a feat that will astound and amaze you. See Hillary Clinton being warm and funny.

It's the season premiere of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in Rockefeller Plaza this week, and Clinton is bopping, waving, laughing and enjoying herself oh-so ...Read more

Ted Cruz Flounders in Trump's Shadow

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- You could see in the span of 20 minutes Wednesday afternoon why Donald Trump is soaring in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination and why Ted Cruz is struggling.

Cruz had invited Trump to join him at a Capitol Hill rally against the Iran nuclear deal, an unusual joint appearance for two rivals in which Cruz gambled ...Read more

Dick Cheney Tries to Fool the Public Again

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Early signs indicate Dick Cheney is leaning against the Iran nuclear deal.

"It is madness," the former vice president announced Tuesday.

"The results may be catastrophic," he inveighed.

"This deal gives Tehran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. homeland."

The deal "strengthens our adversaries, threatens our allies...Read more

Lawbreaker Kim Davis and the Lawless Ted Cruz

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- What Kim Davis did was troubling. What Ted Cruz did was downright alarming.

Davis, a county clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue marriage certificates to gay couples. She said she was operating "under God's authority," but she now sits in jail for ignoring federal authority.

Davis, at least, is facing the consequences of her ...Read more

Nikki Haley Takes on Donald Trump

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump is driving the Republican Party into the abyss. Can Nikki Haley pull it back?

Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, talks of immigrants as rapists and women as bimbos and appeals to the angry white man. He invokes the "silent majority," employs racial dog whistles and picks fights with everybody, but ...Read more

Mount McKinley is Conservatives' Newest Molehill

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Come now the Denali deniers.

President Obama's conservative critics have long said there is no depth to which he will not sink in his zeal to trash the Constitution. Now, apparently, they also think there is no height to which he will not climb in that same effort.

Obama went to the very top this weekend -- to 20,320 feet to be ...Read more

No Decency and No Backbone

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Wednesday was Women's Equality Day, the anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which gave American women the right to vote 95 years ago.

And how have Republicans marked this egalitarian milestone? Why, with another bimbo eruption, of course.

The perpetrator, as usual, was Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential ...Read more

Scott Walker Falls Flat On His Face

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- This is what happens when you try to trump The Donald.

Scott Walker has for two decades won primary elections by refusing to allow any Republican to outmaneuver him on the right. So when Donald Trump, father of the Central Park ice rink, began skating circles around the Republican presidential field with his perfect execution of ...Read more

Conservatives Double Down on Anti-Abortion Extremism

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- It is becoming difficult to escape the conclusion that conservatives would rather fight about abortion than reduce it.

Candidates in this month's Republican presidential debate tripped over themselves to display their pro-life extremism, disavowing exceptions that would permit abortion in cases of rape, incest or even to save the ...Read more

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