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A 'Kill-and-Cover-Up' Police Culture?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

When public officials refuse to release a video that shows alleged misconduct by a police officer, you should only expect the worst.

That's particularly true in Chicago, where one "bad apple" too often has signaled a bushel of cover-ups and other problems underneath.

Such are the suspicions that haunt the city's stalling for more than a year ...Read more

'President Trump?' Get Used To It

From the Left / Clarence Page /

President Donald Trump? Surely I jest? I wish.

The billionaire presidential candidate has been riding atop the Republican primary polls for four months. He constantly defies the conventional rules of political etiquette. He reveals no more than a passing interest in facts. Yet the more he is criticized, the more he seems like Godzilla to grow ...Read more

How Pols Run Against Syrian Refugees

From the Left / Clarence Page /

America's refugee screening process is so tight -- only about half are accepted after a process that can take two years or more -- that it probably would be easier for the Islamic State to sneak a jihadi terrorist in by rowboat.

Yet that reality has not stopped some politicians from exploiting fears instead of calming them since the terror ...Read more

The Islamic State Wants You to Reject Refugees

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Remember how news photos of a drowned 3-year-old Syrian boy in September put new pressure on the West to welcome more refugees? That was then.

Last week's attacks in Paris have sparked the opposite response after a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the Paris suicide bombers. A shamefully robust chorus of American politicians is ...Read more

Free Speech vs. Racial Respect? Why Not Both?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Two important principles are clashing on university campuses these days from Yale to Missouri and beyond. On one side we have the principle of free expression. On the other, the principle that minority students -- and their allies -- should have "safe spaces," protected from "micro-aggressions" and other tone-deaf insults.

You can see the ...Read more

What's Killing Trump's Voters?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

What's killing Donald Trump's voters?

That's my reaction to the highly disturbing health news that two Princeton economists have uncovered about a key slice of the billionaire presidential candidate's support base.

Since 1999, middle-aged white Americans with a high school diploma or less education have been dying in record numbers, according ...Read more

So-Called 'War On Cops' More Myth Than Menace

From the Left / Clarence Page /

News that the police lieutenant widely and affectionately known as "G.I. Joe" in the Chicago suburb of Fox Lake, Ill., is not the hero he made himself out to be has taken some fuel from the media-driven myth that has given us headlines like these:

"War on Police Sparks National Crime Wave" --Investor's Business Daily

"Police face recruiting ...Read more

'Lame-Stream Media' Charge is Getting Really Lame

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Republican presidential candidates may have some legitimate complaints to make about media bias, but sometimes I think they protest too much.

For example, after the heavily Republican audience at the Grand Old Party's CNBC debate booed some of the moderators' questions, former ...Read more

What We Should Learn From Viral Police Videos

From the Left / Clarence Page /

On the same day that President Barack Obama was expressing doubts that cellphone cameras are making police too cautious, video of a police officer in a South Carolina high school was going viral on the Web because he failed to be cautious enough.

That's not the only reason that video of sheriff's deputy Ben Fields' rough takedown and arrest of ...Read more

Are Police Turning Camera Shy?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Some police say the stress of always being seen in a negative light in the post-Ferguson era is taking its toll. I am tempted as the father of a young African-American male to say, join the club.

Since I have great respect for police and for my son, my advice to both is basically the same: Try to be less suspicious.

Speaking to the ...Read more

Paul Ryan and The Party of 'Family Values'

From the Left / Clarence Page /

A chorus of spoilsports is calling Rep. Paul Ryan a hypocrite because he is demanding time to spend with his family -- after voting against paid family leave for other workers. I sympathize with the critics, but they are abusing the word "hypocrite." It is not hypocritical to deny help that you never promised to give in the first place.

Ryan ...Read more

Jim Webb's 'Culture' War

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb, feeling disrespected at CNN's Democratic presidential debate in Las Vegas, says he's dropping out to consider running as an independent. That's his right, but I wonder whether anyone will notice.

It is well known that Webb, a decorated Vietnam combat veteran, former ...Read more

Finally, Hillary is 'Likeable Enough'

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Election campaigns are a series of moments, won or lost by individual candidates. Which brings us to the question, what was your favorite moment in the Democrats' first presidential debate of 2015?

Some folks say it was the moment Vermont's self-described "democratic socialist" Sen. Bernie Sanders gave front-runner Hillary Clinton a gift by ...Read more

Seeing Farrakhan, Thinking of Trump

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Watching Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan address the anniversary of his Million Man March in Washington, I found myself thinking of Donald Trump.

I know I'm going to hear heated opposition from some folks for even mentioning the two newsmakers in the same sentence. But fame is a funny thing. The ferocious loyalty of their supporters is ...Read more

Murdoch's 'Real Black,' Unreal for White House

From the Left / Clarence Page /

No one should be surprised that Rupert Murdoch likes Ben Carson. Both seem to think that their ingenuity in one area of life makes them experts on just about everything.

Renowned brain surgeon Carson is running for the Republican presidential nomination because he thinks he knows enough to be a dandy leader of the free world.

Media mega-mogul ...Read more

Clinton Signals Willingness to Regulate Guns by Executive Action

From the Left / Clarence Page /

After a gunman killed nine people at an Oregon community college last week, Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed a new attitude on gun control. She sounds a lot like President Barack Obama's new attitude on immigration: If Congress doesn't act, she says, she will.

"This epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries," the Democratic presidential ...Read more

Welcome to Rev. Trump's Church of Emotional Economics

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Donald Trump would not tell reporters whose advice he received in creating his recently unveiled tax plan, but I hear a familiar voice in its three-and-a-half pages. It sounds like Jeb Bush.

Bush released his own tax reform plan a couple of weeks earlier in September than his fellow Republican presidential candidate Trump. I'm not saying Trump ...Read more

Say No 'Free Stuff' for Anybody, Jeb

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Jeb Bush wants you to know that he's not running for president in order to give "free stuff" to black folks. I don't have a problem with that, as long as he says he won't give any "free stuff" to white folks, either.

That's right, Jeb. It's only fair. Tell us, the American voters, that you won't give any of us any free stuff. Your lavish ...Read more

A CEO Who Gives Free Markets a Bad Name

From the Left / Clarence Page /

If Martin Shkreli is not the most hated man in America, he must least be first runner-up.

If his name doesn't ring a bell, you're not alone. He's probably less well known for who he is than for what he did.

Shkreli, 32, is the Turing Pharmaceuticals CEO who decided to raise the price of Daraprim, a drug used to treat toxoplasmosis in cancer ...Read more

Muslim? What's So Wrong With That?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

After reaching the top tier of Republican presidential candidates in polls, Dr. Ben Carson has given us another historic milestone: He has boldly called for religious discrimination against any Muslims who run for president.

Responding to host Chuck Todd on NBC's "Meet the Press" to the question of whether he could support a Muslim candidate ...Read more

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