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Upset With Obama, GOP Punishes Young Immigrants

A particularly cruel fate awaits the so-called Dreamers, undocumented immigrants who were brought to this country as children. They grow up knowing no other country than the United States, and may even think they are American citizens, but one day they learn they are not -- and that they are vulnerable to deportation. They learn that ...Read more

Conservative Backlash Against 'Sanctuary' Will Harm Policing

One tragedy has already occurred: The murder of a young woman as she shared a quiet moment on an iconic San Francisco pier with her father and a friend.

Kathryn Steinle was strolling along Pier 14 July 1 when a bullet seemingly out of nowhere hit her aorta. It's hard to imagine her father's distress as he tried to save his 32-...Read more

High Court Strikes a Blow Against Congressional Gerrymandering

In case you missed it - and most Americans did - there was a third significant ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court at the end of June. It received the least media attention, but it may eventually affect more citizens directly than the decisions upholding Obamacare and greenlighting same-sex marriage.

The case in question weighed efforts in Arizona...Read more

Breaking Up With My Landline a Risky (or Overdue) Decision

I dumped my landline the other day.

It was an abrupt decision, though a long time coming, like giving away a sweater you hadn't worn in years but had kept just in case you might.

Goodbye, Panasonic KX-TG5431, with all your weird buttons and your antennas and something called Caller IQ, which I was never smart enough to understand.

For many ...Read more

We Nave a Name for This: Racism

America is in denial -- "post-racial" denial.

You could hear it in the words of lament that followed news of the shooting massacre at Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, S.C. Commenter after commenter, be they elected officials, presidential hopefuls, talking heads or members of the public posting on social media, used a peculiar term to ...Read more

How Broken is Our Immigration System? We Deport Citizens

The deportation of Andres Robles Gonzalez was a bureaucratic nightmare at every turn.

The 25-year-old Louisianan spent nearly three years trapped in Mexico because the U.S. government wouldn't recognize him for what he is: a U.S. citizen. Not only was Robles wrongly sent packing across the southern border; he was blocked in his attempts to ...Read more

Campaign Finance Law: America's Unfunny Joke

These days, every presidential candidate must have a slush fund. Can you match the following candidates - Jeb Bush, Martin O'Malley and Scott Walker - with their personal super PAC or 527 group? The choices are: O'Say Can You See, Right to Rise and Our American Revival.

Extra points if you can name the candidate who also has a nonprofit ...Read more

Don't cry for Christie; he earned it

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie wants an apology.

He wants it from all in the media who dared to raise questions about the ethics of his administration and to wonder if he personally was involved in "Bridgegate." That scandal, you may recall, had to do with lane closures on the George Washington Bridge in 2013 that caused serious traffic jams ...Read more

Jeb Bush Learned Nothing from Iraq War Debacle

If there was one question Jeb Bush should have prepared for - should have had down cold - it was the one he blew in an interview with Fox News' Megyn Kelly.

He blew it again the next day and, amazingly, yet again the next.

It wasn't a trick question. It wasn't a gotcha question. It was a softball: Would you, knowing what we know now, have ...Read more

Missing Mom in Unexpected Ways

How will you miss your mother?

Until she dies, you can't know for sure.

When your mother's gone, you'll miss the things you knew you loved about her, but also things that drove you crazy. You'll miss things you hardly noticed until they weren't there to notice anymore.

You may miss the fact that she was the one person who always picked up the...Read more

Mourning the Death and Celebrating the Life of Dave Goldberg

I'm on the red-eye from San Francisco back to New York after a deeply moving day mourning the passing and celebrating the life of Dave Goldberg.

Scott Tierney, Dave's college roommate, summed up the feeling that permeated the service, the burial, and the shiva afterward: "Dave was my best friend, but there are countless people here who feel the...Read more

Can Francis Reconcile Catholics to Church Hierarchy?

Millions of Catholics eagerly await Pope Francis' arrival in the United States this fall. Like no other Christian leader in recent years, this humble, empathetic man has moved the world with simple words and deeds of virtue.

Yet whatever pleasant surprises and breakthroughs may be in store during the trip -- which includes a stop in Cuba, ...Read more

By Falsifying Test Scores, Educators Robbed Their Students

People love a good rant.

The one issued by an Atlanta judge this week has certainly made the rounds. Judge Jerry Baxter was all over CNN as he angrily sentenced teachers and administrators convicted in a widespread cheating scandal. He ordered some of the guilty educators to jail for seven years, a ...Read more

New Season Means New Rules for Good Neighbors

On Friday morning, I went to get my newspaper and discovered that, once again, someone had pilfered the plastic bag it came in.

I know the paper arrived in a plastic bag because I'd gone out a few minutes earlier and shifted it to the side of the steps so it wouldn't be in anyone's path until I picked it up on my way back in.

When I got home, ...Read more

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