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Bob Dole's Still Here and Much Wiser Than His Fellow Republicans

Twitter can be so comical and so heartless, all at once.

When Bob Dole began trending this week, the wisecracks began to roll.

"Oh no ... did he die? Worse -- he endorsed Jeb!"

"Bob Dole endorses Viagra AND Jeb Bush! Just saying!"

"When I saw Bob Dole trending, I was shocked to find out it wasn't because he died, but rather because Jeb's ...Read more

Nitpicky Ordinances Become Instruments of Oppression

The tiny town of Pagedale, Mo., would make a good setting for an episode of "The Twilight Zone."

The 3,300 residents live under intense scrutiny, fearing city workers who hand out a dizzying array of fines and tickets for the slightest of infractions.

Imagine cowering in your front room, fearful that a codes inspector will roll up with a ruler...Read more

Greek System In The Way of Tackling Campus Sexual Assault

Fraternities and sororities have a choice. Either they can be part of the solution to campus sexual assaults or they can choose to be part of the problem.

Guess which direction the major Greek system associations are going?

They've hired a heavy-hitting lobbyist to advance a bill in Congress that would hamper colleges' ability to investigate ...Read more

Trump on 'SNL'? Race is Already a Joke

This is how far American politics have disintegrated.

We're arguing over whether a presidential candidate, a man leading in the polls not because of leadership qualities but because he's a master at courting the worst of nativist America, should be barred from hosting "Saturday Night Live."

Am I living in a sitcom?

The decline of U.S. ...Read more

Gun Industry Must Not Be Shielded From Liability

Hillary Clinton pounded Sen. Bernie Sanders for his gun rights record during the first Democratic presidential debate, all but calling him a BFF of the NRA.

Clinton's argument was that Sanders' support for the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which prohibited lawsuits against gun sellers and manufacturers for the unlawful misuse ...Read more

Horrors! There Are Muslims Among Us

For an object lesson in how social media can create a tempest in a teapot, look no further than Wichita State University in Kansas.

Six months ago, the university renovated a nondenominational chapel on campus so that it could more easily accommodate prayer by Muslim students. Essentially, pews were removed (replaced by stackable chairs) so ...Read more

Should Prisoners Raise Your Food?

Fellow foodies, here's a question for your conscience: Do you wonder whose hands helped bring your meal to the grocery?

As you dollop the farm-fresh goat cheese on top of your micro greens and remove the antibiotic-free tilapia from under the broiler, would you lose your appetite if you found out that workers who helped produce it earn in a ...Read more

Francis Prods Congress' Conscience

Wouldn't it be grand if Pope Francis could be a recurring visitor to the U.S. Congress, a sort of spiritual superintendent who occasionally drops in to chide, cajole and mostly just remind our legislators when their actions don't promote the common good? What kind of country would we become?

Watching as the pontiff stepped away from the podium ...Read more

Black Lives Matter: The Boogie Man That Isn't

Cops in America have gone soft. Or so goes a dubious new theory.

Where once they had been bold in facing criminals, urban police departments are now meek. The result, we're told, is the substantial increase in homicide rates in more than 30 American cities. This tragic misfortune is mostly the fault of Black Lives Matter. The loosely organized ...Read more

The Irony Hidden in Republican Doom and Gloom

Is America is in decline? It certainly is, to hear the Republican presidential candidates tell it. The current frontrunner, Donald Trump, has built his campaign around the proposition, and his pitch to voters is that only he can "make America great again."

Trump's vision of the national emergency is America inundated by unassimilable, criminal ...Read more

Donald Trump: Useful or Dangerous Idiot?

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake," Napoleon is supposed to have said.

That maxim explains why so many Democrats can barely hide their glee every time Donald Trump lets loose a fresh torrent of idiotic bombast or a new poll reinforces his pre-eminence in the Republican field.

Trump is too much for the general electorate ...Read more

What Does BlackLivesMatter Want? A Little Thing Called Justice

One message is loud, brash and crystal clear about the 2016 race for the White House.

No candidate -- Democrat or Republican -- will escape the in-your-face challenge of the BlackLivesMatter activists. Nor should they.

Self-described socialist and ascendant Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was all but shunted off a stage in ...Read more

The Phony, Unprincipled War on Planned Parenthood

With one careless comment, Jeb Bush revealed a fundamentally indifferent attitude toward half the U.S. electorate.

"I'm not sure we need half a billion dollars for women's health issues," he said in a speech at the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, Tenn.

It was a throwaway aside in a longer blather about defunding Planned Parenthood, ...Read more

GOP Beware -- Nobody Puts The Donald In a Corner

Pity the Republican candidate who tries to land a "Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy" style jab during the televised debate on Thursday.

The temptation to administer a condescending smackdown will be almost irresistible. After all, the stage will be filled with a motley crew of contestants ranging from solidly credentialed public servants to ...Read more

Repairing Bonds Between Police and Communities

After a depressing year in which we've witnessed case after case of unarmed black people dying at the hands of police, now we have the sad death of Sandra Bland.

The Illinois woman's apparent suicide in a Texas jail cell, days after a traffic stop, is in many ways baffling, as she reportedly had been excited to start a new job at Prairie View A...Read more

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