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Esther Cepeda / Politics

The Captain of My Family's Ship

CHICAGO -- Every descendant of immigrants eventually goes through a moment of disconnection when the person who initiated their family's move to this country dies.

It is the moment when a family's origin story becomes just that -- no longer a ...

Migrants Pay a Heavy Toll

CHICAGO -- Like all migrants, the estimated 5 million blacks from the Deep South who moved north during the Great Migration were seeking a better life. Many of them found it -- but got fewer years of it in the process.

This previously unknown ...

Taking the Joy Out of School

CHICAGO -- You know public education has jumped the track when you see your own children show an ever-growing distaste for their studies.

My 13-year-old comes home despondent about what he's up against. Venting about his English class' line-by-...

Surrendering to Racial Satire

CHICAGO -- "Let's make fun of white people."

Are you jarred by that proposition? Or do you feel it is, if not entirely merited, at least worth a laugh?

And can you ever imagine it being socially acceptable for whites to make fun of black people,...

Why I Like Cliches

CHICAGO -- I am an unashamed appreciator of cliches. Maybe it's because I started out in life as an English language learner, clinging to familiar idioms, or because I was thrilled to hear the language of school spoken at home when my parents ...

Jeb's Mixed Messages on Immigration

CHICAGO -- If Jeb Bush intended to run for the Republican presidential nomination, one has to wonder why in the world he wrote "Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution," with Clint Bolick in 2013.

And why would the co-author of a very even...