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Questioning Parental Involvement

CHICAGO -- There will always be bad schools. And the same can be said for underperforming students.

Why? Because there will always be bad, misinformed or clueless parents.

Not just the ones who abuse their children, keep loaded guns around the ...

Baseball's Sacred Temple

CHICAGO -- Call it a character defect, but I don't like baseball. And I especially don't like the Chicago Cubs -- losers I never found lovable.

I grew up less than a mile west of Wrigley Field and games there represented summer-long ...

Strung Along on Immigration Reform

CHICAGO -- The week's award for truer words were never spoken goes to David Martin, who served as deputy general counsel at the Department of Homeland Security in the first two years of the Obama administration.

Martin made a blunt observation to...

The Business of Black America

CHICAGO -- The National Urban League's 2014 report on the state of black America released a torrent of negative assessments. "Dismal and getting worse," read one headline. "Blacks behind whites, Latinos in job market, report says," read another.


Playing Politics Over Immigration

CHICAGO -- It's a shame that Republicans blocked a resolution calling for the Senate to honor the legacy of Chicano icon Cesar Chavez.

But though the GOP looks petty and downright stupid for not allowing a purely symbolic commemoration honoring ...

Continuing Education -- On The Job

CHICAGO -- It's the time of the year when you can't throw a rock without hitting a parent or a teenager bragging about college acceptance letters.

You're far less likely to hear about the plans of students who really have no desire to go to ...