E.J. Dionne Jr. / Politics

Where's The Bread And Butter?

WASHINGTON -- What if they held an election and nobody talked about how to improve people's lives?

The 2014 campaign is being waged against a backdrop of national news dominated by everything except the core economic worries of most Americans. ...

Eric Cantor And The Tea Party Purge

WASHINGTON -- In 1961, John F. Kennedy said: "In the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside."

In November of 2010, Eric Cantor said: "The tea party are ... an organic movement that played a ...

Seeking Sanity on Sgt. Bergdahl

GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- There were many poignant moments in President Obama's speech in Normandy commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day. But two sentences he spoke at what he called "democracy's beachhead" seemed especially resonant back home.


The Mississippi Paradox

JACKSON, Miss. -- Can you hate the federal government but love the money it spends on you?

The electoral earthquake that was Mississippi's Republican Senate primary has pushed this question to the forefront of American politics.

In conventional ...