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GOP Misjudges Loretta Lynch

WASHINGTON -- Loretta Lynch had them at Jim Crow. Senate Republicans had delayed confirmation hearings for President Obama's attorney general nominee until they took control of Congress -- giving them a chance to use the nomination to protest ...

GOP Finds That Governing Ain't Easy

WASHHINGTON -- "Yeah, there've been a couple of stumbles," John Boehner acknowledged Tuesday.

The House speaker had spoken with dry understatement.

What has happened since Republicans took full control of Congress three weeks ago has been less a...

The White House Game of Drones

WASHINGTON -- I confess to being surprised by the surprise over the discovery Monday of a drone at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Happily, this particular offender was nothing worse than a hobbyist's copter gone awry. But the presence of drones at the ...

Get Used to Obama's Swagger

WASHINGTON -- Here's some practical advice to those who didn't like President Obama's swagger during his State of the Union address: Get used to it.

Economic indicators suggest he's going to have even more to crow about in the months to come.


The GOP's Bait-and-Switch on Abortion

WASHINGTON -- As President Obama prepared on Tuesday to lay out his economic agenda in his State of the Union address, House Republicans were moving ahead with an agenda of their own.

Just two weeks into the new Congress, they voted Tuesday ...

Turning a Deaf Ear to the World

WASHINGTON -- In 1938, Winston Churchill published "While England Slept," about Britain's failure to prepare for the Nazi threat.

Let's hope that, when the history of this moment is written, the 2015 State of the Union address will not be retold ...