Crazy Pet Facts

Want to impress your pet- loving friends with some pet- loving trivia? Take a peak at this quiz!

Points available: 10


For a chinchilla, how does it keep looking as clean and well-groomed as it does?

  • A) Baths
  • B) Rolls in flower beds
  • C) Dust baths
  • D) It doesn't take any baths, they're just very clean pets

When do most small pets sleep?

  • A) During the day
  • B) At night
  • C) They don't sleep

Which part of a bird weighs the heaviest?

  • A) its skeleton
  • B) its feet
  • C) its head
  • D) its feathers

Which animal has a better memory out of the ones listed?

  • A) Monkey
  • B) Dog
  • C) Horse
  • D) Cat

The Russian dog named Laikia was the world's first....?

  • A) Fire fighting dog
  • B) Presidential pet
  • C) Space Astronaut
  • D) National Dog Champion

Which type of bird is so smart, it can make up its own sentences?

  • A) African Gray
  • B) Conure Parrot
  • C) Australian Cockatiel
  • D) Parakeet

When a cat grooms himself, he loses about the same amount of fluid in saliva as.....?

  • A) when he spits
  • B) when a human spits, not a lot
  • C) when he urinates
  • D) a gallon of water

How long can an iguana hold its breath?

  • A) 30 minutes
  • B) 5 minutes
  • C) 1 hour
  • D) 3 hours

Besides humans, which other animal can get leprosy?

  • A) Iguanas
  • B) Armadillos
  • C) Macaws
  • D) Snakes

How long can a goldfish live?

  • A) 6-12 months
  • B) 3-5 years
  • C) 25 years
  • D) 40 years