Animal Families

Do you know the various names of the parents and children in the animal kingdom? Give this quiz a try.

Points available: 10


Which of these animals does NOT have their female called a cow?

  • A) Cattle
  • B) Whale
  • C) Mule
  • D) Elephant

Appropriately enough, some may say, the female of which of these animals is called a queen?

  • A) Peacock
  • B) Cat
  • C) Swan
  • D) Lion

Not surprisingly, this species -- besides pigs -- has a female called a sow.

  • A) Guinea pig
  • B) Cow
  • C) Dolphin
  • D) Donkey

Which of these species does NOT name their males the same as the species as a whole?

  • A) Tiger
  • B) Dog
  • C) Lion
  • D) Elephant

What is a "cob"?

  • A) A male swan
  • B) A baby elephant
  • C) A male wolf
  • D) A female bear

Which of these is the name for a female swan?

  • A) Cygnet
  • B) Mare
  • C) Goose
  • D) Pen

Which of these species calls their male and female "Jack" and "Jenny"?

  • A) Donkey
  • B) Monkey
  • C) Lion
  • D) Cat

Which of these birds has a baby called a "gosling"?

  • A) Duck
  • B) Chicken
  • C) Goose
  • D) Swan

The male of which of these animals has the common male name "Tom"?

  • A) Cat
  • B) Duck
  • C) Donkey
  • D) Horse

Which of these animals does NOT have a baby called a "cub"?

  • A) Fox
  • B) Bear
  • C) Tiger
  • D) Whale