Exotic Pets

Lots of people own cats and dogs ... some have hamsters, birds, or guinea pigs ... but some people keep chinchillas, iguanas, and even hedgehogs! See what you know about the ten exotic pets listed below.

Points available: 10


What will hedgehogs often do when they encounter an unfamiliar object?

  • A) Try to charge at it
  • B) Lick it, and then lick their spines
  • C) Try to make a nest out of it
  • D) Try to push it aside

What is the average number of eggs a green iguana will lay at one time?

  • A) 5
  • B) 20
  • C) 50
  • D) 100

What is thought to cause the poisonous nature of poison dart frogs -- making them harmless in captivity?

  • A) Living in toxic environments
  • B) Exposure to airborn germs
  • C) Contact with larger poisonous animals
  • D) Eating poisonous insects

What is the first warning a sugar glider gives when it becomes angry?

  • A) Barking
  • B) Backing up to get a flying leap
  • C) Jumping in the air
  • D) Flicking its tail

What do chinchillas need to bathe in regularly to keep their fur soft?

  • A) Cold water
  • B) Hot water
  • C) Soapy water
  • D) Dust

What does the name "chameleon" mean in Greek?

  • A) Colorful lizard
  • B) Gentle snake
  • C) Little lion
  • D) Invisible animal

How long can groundhogs live in captivity?

  • A) A year
  • B) Up to five years
  • C) Up to ten years
  • D) Less than a month

What color do snakes turn before they shed?

  • A) Red
  • B) Black
  • C) Purple
  • D) Blue

How good is a gecko's eyesight?

  • A) Bad
  • B) As good as a cat's
  • C) As good as a human's
  • D) Average for a lizard

What color fur do all ferrets have at birth?

  • A) White
  • B) Black
  • C) Brown
  • D) Gray